High Bar Squat Form Check

Hi there fellas, I am starting to incorporate High Bar Squats to my routine, I’m currently used to doing them Low Bar, so I need any advice you could provide to be sure that I’m doing High Bar correctly, I recorded two videos:

First one.

Second One:

Looks fine, for a 50% effort. Put 80% on there and give us another look.

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Well…I know that it is a little weight, but I’m still learning how to do it, I just wanted to be sure that I wasn’t doing anything wrong from the get go, since I know it is better to improve in form, and then adding weight, if I cannot do them correctly with little weight, I have no business increasing the weight.

I just want to be sure that I’m not leaning forward too much, or that I’m hitting proper depth, without too much buttwink and that the bar is properly placed in my back, that sort of stuff. But thanks for the feedback anyways.

The vid is dark, and the angles are not very good, and are obstructed.

But from what i can see, you look like youre trying to stay too upright. Why are you worried about being forward?
Its ok to have a natural amount of forward lean depending on your structure. Trying to stay so upright will rob some horsepower from your backside/hips. I didnt see any buttwink.

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I thought that you were supposed to be more upright when doing High Bar Squats. I lean forward during Low Bar’s. I lean forward a little while doing High Bar, but I didn’t think that I was too upright while doing them. I’ll keep that in mind for the next time then.

It’s always acceptable to have some degree of forward lean in a back squat, regardless of high bar or low bar, in my opinion.

Here’s a couple of the best high bar squatters in the world. When in doubt, check the Chinese. If they don’t have it, the Russians do.

They have almost no forward lean. Shoutout to that incredible Chinese weightlifter mobility.

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From what I can tell it really looks like your body is trying really hard to squat with low bar mechanics but you are fighting it forcing a high bar position. Not sure exactly why you are wanting to high bar specifically but that second video lowering the bar a few inches would make it a damn pretty low bar squat hahaha

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Well…I’m retracting my shoulder blades and lowering them, like I’d do in a Low Bar Squat, but, putting the bar too high up on my traps hurts a little bit; I saw a video of Omarisuf where he said that lowering the bar a little bit on your traps would help with that, but they’re still higher than on the Low Bar.

I want to incorporate High Bar Squats on my routine because from what I know, they focus a bit more on the quads and doesn’t strain the lower back too much (hence I’d be able to let it rest for a bit), while the Low Bar Squat focus more on the lower back and glutes, isn’t that the case?..I’ll still be doing both on the week, just on different days.

Studies show there’s little difference in muscle activation between different squat styles and rack positions.


wait…do you mean I can keep doing my Low Bar Squats and forget all about these?

Welp…I was checking this article by Greg Nuckols, what you just told me was mentioned in the first bullet point of the article.

So thanks for the advice, I’ll keep improving my Low Bar Squat and learn how to do them Front Squat :smiley:

I’ll be posting the videos for the Front Squat form check in the near future


This is one of the reasons I’m glad I didn’t participate in forums as a beginner.

None of this conversation matters for your level of development. These are discussions that shouldn’t come up until you’re an advanced lifter trying to get a little more of an edge.

Your quads, hamstrings, hips and butt will all get bigger and stronger from squatting, no matter how you squat. Your form is absolutely fine for your level. Just focus on pushing yourself hard in the gym, don’t get bogged down in the details. Hell, I didn’t even know there was such a thing as high bar vs low bar squatting before I was squatting 400.

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You don’t believe form checks are important for beginners? I understand you are probably referring to high bar vs low bar…

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I just wanted to incorporate assistance exercises to improve my squat, my current max is 210 lbs on Low Bar, I wanted to incorporate High Bar because I thought that would help me with quad development and to increase my Low Bar, I’m cycling my exercises and I should be testing my max again in 3 weeks. I was going to incorporate one heavy day for squats and a low weight 8-10 reps High Bar, I’m not arguing over which one is better, I was only asking if I was doing them just fine and I like to get my form checked and correct any mistakes in my form early on, rather than keep increasing the weight with bad form and then have to go back to correct it.

Yes, form checks are good. I’m definitely just referring to the nuances between low and high bar. He’s talking about incorporating both into his workout routine in order to develop quads better with one and hips and glutes with the other. As if moving the bar an inch and a half down on the traps is going to make that sort of difference. To a beginner. It’s just absurd. see quote below:

he basically wants to use one as a main movement and one as an assistance exercise, with the belief that it will give him more complete leg development. What he SHOULD be doing is just picking one type of squat and learning it. Practicing the same form all the time. Being a beginner and learning both, and incorporating both for different purposes is beyond crazy. I don’t even do this. I squat in a way that keeps me healthy and strong. that’s all that matters.