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High Bar Squat - Bar Placement Issues

So when I rack out for the high bar squat, the bar appears more forward on my right shoulder than my left but I don’t know why it appears like that because I am squaring my hips and body straight.

Am I pulling my left scap and traps harder than my right? Today after squatting my left lat and errectors felt tighter than usual after squatting. I feel like if one were to get a side view of my high bar squat you could see the bar uneven or in other words as if my back is twisted to one side but when I look at the front of the mirror in the gym my body seems straight and squared but when I look at the bar placement it looks off like one shoulder and is protruding more than the other and the bar appears more forward on one side of the shoulder than other too.

I don’t get it. This wasn’t an issue several weeks ago. I racked the bar with a tight grip, close grip, high bar, traps pinched and back, elbows down as if I am trying to put my lats in my back pocket, I expand my ribcage and chest, and for some odd reason it still looked off.

Any ideas?

And lats, and pecs, and other things in between. I had this issue in the past, there isn’t a straightforward solution other than just stop doing it. What feels “even” is not, so compensate by pulling the other side down more.

Have somebody watch you. Set up a dozen times and they can tell you if you’re centered before and after the unrack. Learn this feeling and replicate it every time.