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High BA Content in Test E?

Hey all,

So I’m on my first cycle of Test E (3 pins in) and I’ve been pulling up pretty sore after every pin for a few days, I’ve read this is normal, but on my first one I got a rash a few inches away from where I actually pinned, I took some Antihistamines and went away. The other 2 pins have both just been real sore.

I’ve been told it could be due to high BA, does that seem possible? What should I be on the look out for with high BA? Or am I just experiencing virgin muscle pains?

What would I see/experience if it was high BA?

Might I add! My mate pinned with the same brand juice and his arm has done the same thing?

It could be because you are new to pinning. It could be some substandard ingredients. It’s hard to say for sure. I home brew and with doing that I have spent quite a bit of time reading. High BA usually is associated with stinging pain yet it is only a theory. When I read that you had a rash I immediately thought of ethyl oleate. That seems to cause more issues with guys than any other common ingredient. Major producers as in actual legit pharma companies like Bayer and phizer usually have recipes that only include benzyl alcohol, benzyl benzoate and a carrier oil. Those companies are going to find a mix or recipe that can be used by as large of a percentage of the population without issue as possible. UGLs make recipes for higher concentrations thus the organic solvents like ethyl oleate. We could use the mg concentration as an indication of weather it has EO or not but chances are it has some in it if it is UGL. The EO just makes the finished product nice and thin so it is easier to inject. Just about every UGL recipe has some in it.

Read up on ethyl oleate and see if that fits with your side effects. The other possible thing is the UGL might not have properly heated the finished solution. With test enanthate it’s melting point is just above room temperature so once you mix it with the BA and BB you have a clear solution. A lot of UGLs out there think that you only need to heat the solution if it is cloudy and thus still in Crystal form. Every solution should be heated regardless of hormone or concentration.

If you want to try and heat it to make sure that it is not still in tiny crystals then you can do it in one of two ways. Both ways I suggest having a venting needle so when it gets hot the air in the bottle doesn’t expand so much as to crack the bottle. Just get a needle from a needle and syringe set. Just use the needle and push it through the septum, make sure the needle is not down in the oil it needs to be in the air space or when you heat it the air will expand and push the oil out of the needle.
Now you can either put the bottle with the vent needle into a sauce pan with about an inch of water, slowly heat to a simmer for about 20-30 minutes.
OR put the bottle with vent needle into the oven and set the temp for about 250. Heat it for about half an hour.
The plastic base of the needle is made out of a polymer that doesn’t melt until like 320 degrees so do not get it that hot.
All of those temps were fahrenheit.

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Thanks man

Only real side effects I’ve had that I can see from what I googled is the PIP (but that could be from pinning virgin muscles?) and the kind of rash that I got the first time but that cleared up with antihistamines.

Any further thoughts?

PIP is just going to happen. The things to do to guard against it include; Going nice and slow with the injection, like 30 seconds per ml if not slower. Also making sure the muscle you inject into is as relaxed as possible. I like to inject after my shower, I am clean and fairly relaxed. I lay on my side and inject into the upper outer quadrant of my glute. Since I am on my side the needle is basically pointing straight down. You can actually feel around and there is a spot where if you go slow enough with a fresh needle you do not even feel it going in.

I kind of touched on this in the prior response. There are two main theory’s behind what causes PIP. One it’s the organic solvents. Two it’s the hormone either still being in Crystal form or the solution crashing once injected and the hormone reverting back into crystals. Those crystals just sit in the muscle and cut it up from the inside.

Try heating the bottle like I posted. The other one you can try and this goes with the whole “it crashes once injected” theory and that is try diluting the solution. If you do this make sure to get a filtered sterile carrier oil. If it is filtered but not sterile you can sterilize it with the oven heating technique. It HAS to be filtered. If need be you can get a syringe filter and filter it yourself. Diluting it would help it hold the hormone if your issue is from it crashing once injected.

Out of curiosity what concentration is the bottle claiming? (How many mgs per ml?) Regardless of concentration I am willing to bet the UGL did not properly heat the finished solution so I would start there with my attempts to remedy the situation.

There use to be this very well known UGL that was HUGE back in the early 2000s. They were one of the first BIG UGLs to ride the whole anonymous internet purchase wave. They were actually one of the labs that got so huge the authorities decided to bust a bunch of the internet UGLs. They were known as a quality product well worth your money. Years later there was an interview with one of the founders and he flat out said he never remembers heating any batch of any hormone. So again if there is something to be done with your bottle I would start with heating. Otherwise it might just be something you have to decide if you can live with, some guys just get bad PIP not matter what they use, UGL, hormone, concentration or actual human grade from the pharmacy.

Wow such a good response! I really appreciate the time you put into helping me out mate.

Oh yep so I may have been going a bit quick on the last one I did, I would say it was around the 25 second mark, so maybe I should go a little slower too!

Say it is the crystallisation, is it even going into my system at the moment? Is it dangerous?

Tomorrow I’ll try the heating of the bottle and see how I go, I’m due to pin on Sunday so I’ll try that out tomorrow. After I’ve heated it and stuff just leave it as normal ect? Just heat it and then after I just put it back in room temperature?

I’m in the gym at the moment but from memory the concentration is 250mg/ml.

If I heat it, do I have to worry about it becoming not sterile? Any precautions that i need to know?

Also, what does it mean if it is “crashing” once it enters the tissue?

The heating it will actually sterilize it, or at least the oven method will. The sauce pan might not get it hot enough. As far as after the heating, just remove from the heat then wait a few minutes maybe ten then remove the needle. Then just let it be. Don’t inject it when it is hot, it can be warm or slightly above body temp. Some guys like to inject it warm it’s another thing you can try. When I say warm, only a few degrees above body temp, like 2-4 degrees in C. Remember when you heat it then that needle is just letting air out, not sucking shit into the bottle. If you use the sauce pan method do not submerge the bottle, just have the base in the water, fill the sauce pan so it comes up about half way on the bottle and you will need to move the bottle around a bit so it doesn’t create a hot spot under it.

When the UGL makes any steroid they order raw powder from China. Well 95% comes from China, a little comes from Russia and India. So they have this powder but really it’s just super tiny crystals. The whole goal behind brewing it is to dissolve the hormone into the oil. Get it down to the molecule surrounded by oil. Sometimes just solvents can dissolve it but really it needs to be heated. Test enanthate has a melting point just above room temp so when they mix it with the solvents it is instantly a clear solution so many UGLs assume that is enough, it’s not. Just like when you mix sugar into hot tea (assuming your from a Great Brittain influenced place by your use of “mate”) the hot tea makes the sugar dissolve easier than cold tea.

When I say crashing that means the dissolved hormone reverts back into crystals form, it’s no longer fluid in the oil. If you stick in this world long enough you will get a bottle with tiny crystals at the bottom. A number of factors influence when and if the hormone will crash. Stuff like concentration, amount of solvents, carrier oil used, brewing techniques, storage techniques.
The theory behind it crashing once injected is the muscle instantly or quickly absorbs the BA and possibly some of the BB out of the solution and then without that being in the oil the oil can no longer hold the hormone in liquid form. Thus it starts to stick to the other hormone molecules and form crystals. Just like if you dumped a bunch of sugar into hot tea then it cooled down some of the sugar would fall out of the tea to the bottom of the cup forming a little layer of sugar.

If you are familiar with winstrol injectable it is actually just really tiny crystals suspended in a water based solution. In this case the crystals actually act as a kind of slow time release. People think the reason winstrol hurts to inject is because it is in water, I am fairly sure it is because no matter what you do it will always be in tiny crystals. So even if your shots are crashing you are still getting the hormone into your blood stream. It isn’t dangerous per say to be in Crystal form inside of your muscle but it could lead to issues if it goes on long enough.

With your test enanthate being 250 I bet the root of your issue would be it was not heated properly. I guess the UGL could have used a very low percentage of BB but even then if it was heated properly it would hold in the oil. That is if you are not one of those poor guys that just has sensitive tissue and gets PIP from everything.

One last technique to avoid PIP, rotate injection sites. Try to only inject a particular muscle once a week. I myself have run some cycles with a mix of compounds with some of them requiring every other day injections. I can re inject a muscle twice a week but I know it’s like playing roulette as far as it might decide to be a bitch and turn into a knot of pain.

If you turn out to just have ridiculously sensitive muscle tissue then you can explore subcutaneous injections but that will effect the traditional half life’s to some degree of most hormones.

Far out! You definitely know your stuff, by the sounds of things at the stage the crystallisation could be the problem, before I inject tomorrow I’ll give it a crack to see if that helps at all.

Haha I’m actually from Australia! But the analogy makes complete sense, made it very easy to understand.

Fingers crossed I’m not just one of the guys that gets sore tissue haha.

I’ll give heating it a go and see how I get on :slight_smile:
Worst case scenario I’ll just get my hands on another brand of Test e and see how I go with that.

Someone I know also suggested the possibility of an allergy to the Grapeseed Oil, I personally don’t think the muscle soreness symptoms are that of an allergy.

So I heated it as you said, it’s been two hours and I feel nothing at all at the injection site or muscle! My first thoughts are that that has actually fixed it! :slight_smile: see how it goes!

Update 2:
After maybe 8 hours, I started to get pain in my left glute. For the first 8 hours I felt nothing at all there.

Do you think by heating it I might have fixed the Test and the pain now is still just virgin muscle?

I’ve pinned 4 times, delt, glute, delt,glute. All never been pinned :slight_smile:

Hey mate! I sent you an email :slight_smile:

I don’t get it. I’m 50 yrs old ran first cycle 250 cyp a week for 10 weeks did 500 one and my T came back at 3200 FreeT 932 estrogen was 206 estradiol 176. My norm 400- did I get a potent batch do you think ? Was it because I was running HCG at same time? Looking for some thoughts before I run my second cycle
I was doing DIM and anastrozle every once in a while

I am not up on trt numbers the way I should be. I am a vet and get free blood work via the VA. I just go over it with doctor and we discuss if something is high or low.

I just sort of covered this in another thread. First when did you get your blood work in regards to your shot schedule? Any injected hormone will cause the levels in the blood to rise within hours of injection. Then in the case of enanthate or cypionate the “surge” of elevated levels lasts for 3-4 days then it tapers down.
Second how much are you injecting at a time? Are you splitting your dose into two shots per week or are you just injecting the entire dose at once?
Read up on half lives. If you were at or around week ten of your cycle/blast then when you did your blood work you had a nice build up of residual half lives from about the past five to six weeks or injections. They say it take five half lives for the last shot to clear your system. They also say that if you have a consistent injection schedule it takes about five half lives for the amount being released from the ester to level off in your blood. If you remember they also say it’s about five weeks into an enanthate cycle for it to kick in, really it’s five weeks for all the residual half lives from all of your shots to build up to a level high enough to really cross the supraphysiological level and get into the “anabolic threshold.” All of that will cause your numbers to be pretty high especially at the end of your cycle.

HGC does cause you to produce testosterone naturally so that does contribute. I dont know how much or if you produce more with higher doses of HCG.

The anastrozole will block the conversion of test into estrogen so that will cause there to be more test and especially free test vs if you were not using it.

I don’t know anything about DIM so I can’t comment.

If I do remember correctly around 700-900 is the high end for natural test which is around 70 to maybe 100 mgs per week. You are taking about 5 times the high end of natural test at 500mgs of test e per week(after you subtract the ester weight). So a number around 3000 seems close or about right when you do the simple math.

I swear these numbers seem familiar, were you the guy I commented to/on about blood work numbers in the past weeks?