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High AST (SGOT) Levels After Suspected Covid-19

I suffer from hypogonadism and have been on TRT for 21 months and so far everything have been great other than quick ejaculation (but that’s not my major challenge as I plan on getting on Cialis soon). I always go for Liver Function Test (LFT) every 3 months and have had no cause for concern until early this month. A friend came over to spend a couple of days at my place complaining of fever, a few days later I & my brother who live together were also down with fever. We never suspected Covid 19 at first as malaria & typhoid fever is quite common here in Nigeria. But after discovering all three of us lost sense of smell with my brother losing sense of taste also, plus other symptoms, we suspected it was Covid 19 and decided to isolate at home since ours wasn’t that serious. Now I did my LFT in early December while I had the suspected Covid and my AST (SGOT) was 46 (range 10 - 42). I was alarmed as it has never exceeded 30 before. I waited till today been 19 days later when I feel I’ve fully recovered from the Covid to repeat it and it’s even worse (52.3). Should I be worried?
The other results are as follows
ALP 70 (Range 40-120)
ALT (SGPT) 34.4 Range 10-40)
Bilirubin Conjugated 1.7 (Range 0-8)
Bilirubin Total 9.6 (Range 2-20)
Bilirubin Unconjugated 7.9 (Range 2-14)
Gamma GT (GGT) 31 (Range 7-64)

It might just take longer to clear your system / fully recover than you thought. I’d check again in 3 months.
[ Not a doc, not medical advice ] :slight_smile:

No. I’d keep an eye on it, but your other LFTs look fine. A heavy workout can raise it, so can a few drinks. Someone who uses AAS can see those in the high double digits or lower100s (dependent on dosing) and one with a drinking problem 200s.