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High Ankle Sprain.. Continue or Stop

I got a high ankle sprain bout a year ago and initially i rested it for about 6 months before i started playing on it a bit. Lately, I’ve been waking up in the morning, working out and returning to the gym at night to put up at least 500 shots a night. also when shooting around i haven’t been jumping much … and i haven’t been playing games either … just perfecting my shot. The tendinitis in my ankle is flaring up a bit but no where near the amount it used to, especially since i have been wearing an ankle brace tightly to reduce ankle movement. I know this will slow healing down even with the brace.

My question is, would u continue to play through the pain, or would you let it rest until you could play pain free? I’m thinking of working out in the morning, eating a lot and returning to the gym later in the afternoon at about 6 instead of shooting … I know I have to avoid over training by sleeping more and eating more too. I’m running out of time as i am trying to continue playing… would you play through the pain or just starting lifting as much as possible until the ankle heals some more? I mean if I continue i might have long term arthritis, and if i stop playing ball… my basketball days would be over considering it would be too late to get anywhere with ball…

your thoughts would be appreciated

Holy cow bro… stop what you are doing and do the opposite. You need to move an injury like a high ankle sprain, not keep it from moving.

Watch this video, then order the book “Don’t Ice That Ankle Sprain.” Follow the recommendations. It will in all likelihood completely fix you. You’ll also need to order some jump stretch bands from elitefts.

but if i let it be more mobile … as in without the brace… i get more inflammation and a doctor told me whenever it gets inflamed I’m basically making it weaker… i also forgot to say that i do ankle exercises as well

You hurt it a year ago and it still hurts? It shouldn’t, you should get it looked at.

Good luck I had a high ankle sprain it took 1.5 years before I was totally pain free in that ankle. Then when I got back i tried to go full bore and ended up with knee tendonitis and the such.

Your best bet is an aggressive rehab. Too much time off leads to scar tissue which will cause just as much pain. Rehab heal rehab heal.

did it eventually get better after rehab?