High Acetylcholine Neuro Type?

I’ve read about neuro types… Naturally I’m an explosive, strong and defined guy. I’ve played tennis and also one coach wanted to make me become a sprinter… Meat and nuts, high fat high protein diets work best for me… outside sports , I’m always seeking for new theories , books or whatever info Is out there…
Thats the high acetylcholine type , right?

There is no such thing as an acetylcholine neurotype.Types 1B and 2A can typically have high acetylcholine.

Being explosive and fast/agile are signs of high acetylcholine. So is the capacity to easily learn new movements. So that’s either 1B or 2A. The fact that you always are looking for new info, new theories would make me lean toward 2A with high acetylcholine (like me) but I’d need to know more about you to be sure.