Hierarchy of diet section needed?

Chris Shugarts’ article last issue was truly insightful. I have been spending hours getting my own dietary needs straightened out this past week, and am nowhere near being finished. It can be extremely time consuming. Since diet dictates 80% of success, why not support this with an official dietary “feeding” site on the T web page? What it would consist of would be a daily changing page giving a meal plan for 1. Weight gainers, 2. Weight losers. Each plan would be listed for every 10# LBM to alleviate having to do to much adaptation. If “Zone” people and “BFL’rs” do this, why don’t we get something started? What are everyone’s thoughts?


There is no standard diet for “weight gainers” or “weight losers”. Diet is a very individual thing that depends on numerous factors including your goals, age, body type, metabolism, and what foods you respond well to to name a few. As you learn more about nutrition and diet, you will realize that it would be impossible to do a “one size fits all” diet plan. Find what foods and meal combos work for you, and tweak them depending on your goals.

I’m not sure exactly what you mean, but if you mean we should have a page that tells people what to eat everyday, then no, I don’t like that idea. I think T-mag readers are smart enough and motivated enough to figure out what to eat themselves based on our published diet articles. And if a person isn’t smart enough or motivated enough to do this, then frankly, I have no desire to help them.

The new FAQ section lists all of our “bulking” and dieting programs, so I think that’s sufficient.

Glad you liked the article though!

SBET and Chris are right. If you educate yourself about diet-related issues and learn to listen to your body (find out what it responds well to), you don’t need this kind of hand-holding.

I re-read my post and admit it sounds like I’m being lazy. Really, my intention is to get some variation out there. Am I the only one who tires of the monotony of oatmeal and protein powders mixed together?