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Hiding Tattoo For BBing Show


Does anyone have suggestions for how to cover up a tattoo for a bodybuilding show. It wouldn't care, but I've got a tattoo on my back that is quite large and I think it would take away from the detail for judging. I was thinking a thick, perhaps latex-based makeup, but I wouldn't want it to hide detail. Any suggestions?


judging by the size of the one on your back (i saw that other post) i would think it would be pretty hard. How would you possibly oil up enough while putting makeup on to hide it?


Lee Priest has tats all over the place and once he applies that think tanning stuff its pretty hard to see them. Just a suggestion to try out the tanning goods and see if you even need anything else.


Natedawg, I wondered about this. I figured any makeup that would hide it would not take well to the oil, and if it did that it would be too thick and would hide detail.

Crew, I wouldn't mind if it was a typical tattoo (like the one on my chest), but the one on my back is sort of a tribal-esqe tatoo, meaning it has thick, filled-in areas. Though you are right. Perhaps with a very dark fake-tan and some oil, mixed with the intense overhead lighting, it could hide it well enough to be okay. Preferably I'd like to come in with a lighter-than-black tan so I could show off more body detail. Then again maybe I have no idea what I'm talking about.


Get a tat of your skin right over the tatoo...


your dream tan should help a bit. at least it will not stand out as much.


Haha you mentioned that your back tat is thick with filled in areas, but I was watching lee pose before and it was hard to see the one on his shoulder which was tattooed over as he wanted to remove his old one. So I figure if I would see the lines in his shoulder through 2 tattoos and a tan you should be alright. Who knows though, maybe he did put something on it.


I dont mean this in a bad way, but I think it's time to just invest in the laser removal gig and start with a clean slate, so to speak...You can always get re-tatted after you quit doing comps, brudda', right?....


  1. I don't want to get rid of the tattoo
  2. The tattoo is huge, and it would be too expensive
  3. I'm not to the point where competitions are a huge part of my life. I've actually never competed in bodybuilding, but am thinking about starting.

Bottom line... expensive.


I was curious and just checked pricing online. It's about $50 per square inch, and I would likely need up to five treatments for most areas. That's a lot of money.


I was curious about this as well. Contemplating doing my first show next year and have also be thinking about getting my first tattoo in the near future.Which will cover a large portion of my upper arm. Hopefully we get some more insight on this topic.


I was thinking more along the lines of taking out the dark sections, which stand out more, rather than the entire tat, my Brotha' from anotha' motha'/:wink: That would cut costs and get the job done for what you expressed, I shoulda' been more specific. Good compromise, Nicht' Var?...


I guess if I were serious about competing come a few years I could always get portions of it removed. Best of both worlds perhaps. We'll see.


Didn't Yates used to have some big skin head tat on his forearm? Didn't stop him from his first Olympia, although I imagine he got it removed aftewards.



There are plenty of products to help with that. Here is one: http://www.tattoocamo.com/


Also, some shows will have professionals who do airbrushing to cover them up, here is one example:



The $35 for the tattoocamo is much cheaper and easier than removal. Seems to work pretty good too.


Very nice links. Thanks guys and gals.