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Hiding From the Doc!


I am wondering what your opinions on this are. I have another blood draw with my HRT doc in mid January and I want to run a cycle first. I will be using T-Cyp/Ent and EQ. If I start ASAP do I have time to run a cycle worth running? I was thinking 500mg of T and 300mg of EQ with DBol for the first 2 weeks as a just start.

First, do I have time or would it be rushing too much?

Second, how far ahead of the blood draw do I need to come off? Looking at the half life of the T, it should return to baseline (hrt dose) in a week, right? Do I understand that correctly?

Third, would Estradiol be all out of whack for longer than the T and give me away?

Fourth, would the EQ be detectable when doing the normal HRT test? E2, Test (free and total), Thryoid panel, D3, etc.

Opinions are appreciated.


I am almost 100% positive that you will need to come off more than a week before your blood test. I'm too lazy to do the math right now, but I would think somewhere between 3-4 weeks is about right.

This of course depends on your TRT dose, and I am assuming a fairly standard 100 mg/week for TRT. YMMV.

So you probably have enough time for a good 8 week cycle.

Your E2 will almost certainly not give you away, especially if you are using Adex while on cycle. The fact that you don't have to do PCT makes this very easy.

Not sure about the EQ, but I suspect not as long as it too is mostly out of your system by the time you take your TRT test. I know that the normal T tests don't test for the metabolites of this substance, so as long as its half life is taken into account and cleared, its androgenic properties will also not show up.


Would I be better off upping the dose and going for only 7 weeks?


Drugs with esters clear based on half lives. Raising the dose but shortening the duration wont necessarily make you clear faster. Do the math.


Youd probably get better responses in the trt forum.


I doubt it. He seems intent on building a good AAS cycle--not a lot of help there. I think once he figures out the half life issue, he will be straight.


Alright, I have been messing around with a calculator I found. I figure I can inject 500mg of T and 300mg of EQ for the next 5 weeks. I would be clear half way through week 12. That is acceptable. Is that length cycle worth doing?


Probably not with Test E/C. From what I have gathered, it takes about 3-4 weeks before you even really notice anything. A 5 week cycle with long esters would not be worth it, IMO.

Don't forget that you don't have to be completely clear by the time your blood is drawn since you are on TRT--so you need to cacluate based on clearing "down" to your TRT level.

If running 500 mg/week, your steady state levels are about 1 gram. So count from there. Assuming the time you stop is T, then:

T = 1000 mg
T + 7 days = 500 mg
T + 14 days = 250 mg
T + 21 days = 125 mg

I imagine your TRT is around 100-150 mg/week, so you need to stop for about 21 days. I have no idea where you are getting 7 weeks from.


I guess I didn't use the calculator correctly. I'll have to mess with it again. So you think I am better off saving the supplies?


You should run EQ for awhile.. so since you are pressed for time, why not just add a short ester to your trt dose?

mast prop, tren ace, test prop, npp

I would save the EQ till you can run it for awhile...


I don't have anything shorter available besides dbol unfortunately...