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hiding cod liver oils bad taste

hi, Just got some really high strength cod liver oil to try and get my 6g of EPA + DHA but the stuff tastes like shit. Does anyone know how best to hide the taste of this vile evil liquid?

Think chaser: eat or drink something immediately after swallowing it. It won’t get rid of the taste, but at least it will minimize the amount of time you have to taste it.

cheers Kim, i tried this method this morning, spoon in one hand and strong black coffee in the other.was a battle to put it in my mouth and swallow but guess i’ll have to experiment with which solutions neutralise the taste best, any ideas?

Well, coffee should work pretty well, especially if it’s strong and black. I prefer to have something sweet afterwards, like cottage cheese with protein powder in it. Have you considered trying a different brand? Health from the Sun makes a fish oil that tastes ok, I still think it’s a little nasty but it’s way better than cod liver oil. Also, you should think about taking your fish oil at night before bed.

Let’s hope that when the Biotest EPA/DHA supp comes out, it will taste as good as Methoxy-7. Can’t wait!

Why are you using cod liver oil instead of regular fish oil caps or Udo’s choice? Cod liver oil is very rich in vitamin A, so much so that to get the amounts of EPA/DHA you mentioned you would likely build up toxic levels.

cheers for the posts, thr reason that i take the oil is that it was the cheapest source i could find and PhD students don’t get payed much!!, of course i might have to go to the tablets if i can’t stomach the evil liquid but getting 6g/day would be very expensive(live in england), very good point about the toxic levels of VitA, i’ll look into that.
vive la good tasting EFA that Biotest will make

Hi, Stu. The cheapest I’ve found is Ultra Omega 3, Health from the Sun, liquid, lemon-lime flavored fish oil at iHerb.com. Cost is 50 cents a day for 6g of EPA/DHA. The reason I like that product (along with the taste) is that it is a purified, molecularly distilled product. All the PCBs, DDT and mercury have been taken out of it (or brought down to an incredibly low number of parts per million). Unfortunately to get high levels of EPA and DHA the makers of cod liver oil have to condense the product and since they don’t remove all the chemical impurities, those chemical impurities are condensed in the same way the EPA/DHA is. Not good, Stu.

Re the taste, I find it extremely palatable and pour a tablespoon and a half over my tuna fish. It actually enhances the taste.

My cod liver oil is mint flavored. Maybe you should try that.

I use Twin Lab. It tastes fine to me, and it’s been filtered.

"Why are you using cod liver oil instead of regular fish oil caps or Udo’s choice? Cod liver oil is very rich in vitamin A, so much so that to get the amounts of EPA/DHA you mentioned you would likely build up toxic levels. "

No you won’t.

I was just at the Grocery store and saw “Dale Alexander’s Super EPA” it had 450 mg Epa and 300 mg’s Dha per 2 cap’s. It looked like a twin lab product based on where it was and the type of packageing but the only place it said twin lab was on the plastic saftey seal on the top. Didn’t check the price but those pretty good ratio’s.

p.s. Who the hell is Dale Alexander or was it Dave?

Taken from:

www.rienstraclinic.com/ info/nutrition/CodLiverOil.htm

"...Our fish oil capsules contain about 330 milligrams of EPA and 220 milligrams of DHA. The cod liver oil gives you about 50% more of the omega-3 Fatty Acids per dollar than do the capsules. Cod liver oil also contains vitamin A and vitamin D. A tablespoon a day of cod liver oil still leaves you well within the safe limits for vitamin A and vitamin D..." (emphasis added)

Mind you, stu is talking about ingesting enough cod liver oil to get 6 GRAMS of EPA+DHA, or about ten times the amount referred to here. I certainly recognize the benefit of cod liver oil, but it isn't the best source of EPA+DHA.

(Hopefully that turned off the italics.)

Gosh, not only do you provide helpful and useful information, but you clean up after yourself, too?!? (grin)

Look up the thread entitled “How’s cod liver oil?” from 9/30/02 for info on Vit A toxicity levels.

Oh, dear, I guess not. And I even tried to throw an “italics off” symbol in there myself.

Death to Italics.

Thanks Rob. I’m going to have to learn how to do that correctly.

The problem Demo, is that way to many people believe going above the RDA is going to toxic levels. Unfortunately, this is false. The RDA is just the minimum required to prevent disease, not the maximum allowed. I can’t recall the numbers, but I remember that at around 4 tablespoons (which will give you the 6 gr of EPA/DHA), you’ll still be below half the dose were toxicity starts to occur.

I find it strange that this still comes up so often when there don’t seem to be any documented cases of vitamin A poisoning directly related to cod liver oil comsumption. Anyone knows any? I’d like to see them.

I have been using 2 tablespoons of it a day for a couple of years with no problems whatsoever. On summer I do cut down to one though.