Hideaki Inaba's Routine

Does anyone know what sort of routine Hideaki Inaba was using? IMHO he is an all time great who never gets a mention. Was he using Russian routines to get such a huge squat or doing his own thing?

You are right about Inaba. He was in a class by himself. Certainly one of the greatest lightweights, ever.

As to his routine, it is hard to say. He lives in a very remote village and I know Pete from Titan had to ship gear to family members and have it delivered that way as there was no other way to get stuff to him.

From what I understand he literally trained in a hut with a dirt floor. Whatever he was doing it was not that sophisticated.

If you posted this over on GoHeavy you would probably get a better response as there are a few historians who visit that site.

Thanks for that apwsearch, i might just give that a go.

If you do any digging, please report back what you find. He’s one of the top five lifters of all time in my opinion, and I’ve never heard anything about how he trains.

Thanks much.