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face pulls, tricep pushdowns for warm up

OHP 5xbar, 5x95, 4x115, 3x135, 3x140, 1x145, 1x150. tired no umph
Chins 9,7,6,5,4,5,5,4
Incline Tri ext 3x12x70
seated db press 3x12x30’s 1,2,4 tempo…burning
Cable hammer Curl 3x10 …

I wanted to go but didn’t want to be there…just lazy ass motions…


Band Leg day

Squats 3x10 1,2,4, tempo
Pullthrough 3x10

RDL 3x8
Rev lunge 3x7side 35lb plate

Driveway circuit
5 rounds of Carry Farmers Bar single arm overhead, sprint, cross over , back peddle, bound…

Landmine standing squeeze press 3x8 1,2,4 tempo
Band supinated row 3x10 1,2,4 tempo

Low to high fly 3x8
Meadows row 3x7side

Ez Bar curl 3x12
Band Single Arm OH Tri Ext 3x10 side

Incline curl 3x8
superset Tri pushdown 3x8

Okie bar arrived so it was back to the landmine!

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Hip Circle medley
Landmine front squat 4x10

Wall sits 3x1min
Landmine Rev lunge with knee raise 3x6side

Stairway calf raise 3x20 xbw+25lbs
BW Squats 3x20

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OHP 4x3x135 1x140,145,150
Chins 10,7,6,5,5, 4,5, partials 8,7,8
CGBP Paused 5x135, 3x185, 3x195, 2x205, 1x215
Seated DB press 3x12 x35s
Cable hammer Single arm 3x10side

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Banded Semi Sumo 5x255, 5x275, 3x295, 1x315, 8x225 all+60 band
Leg Press 3x8 (1,2,4 tempo) 3pps
Hammie curl 3x45-60sec set
Donkey calf raise 3x10 2 count hold ea.
Weighted Back ext. 10,9,8 x65db

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Landmine Squat 4x10
Hip circle Medley

Wall sit 3x 45-60 sec
Landmine Rev Lunge to knee raise 3x8side

Landmine RDL 3x10
Single leg calf raise 3x10side x25lb plate

2 sets of anti-rotation on Landmine

26 min for 2 of us.

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Band Supinated press (1,2,4 tempo) 3x8-10x60
Band wide grip pronated row (1,2,4 tempo) 3x10-12

Landmine squeeze press (1,2,4) 3x6-7
Band low to high fly 3x8

Ex bar Curl (1,2,4) 3x7-9x50
Band neutral grip row (1,2,4) 3x8-10
Band front raise to pull apart 3x7

The standing Landmine press with the slow tempo light up my Tri’s and upper chest…with just 60 plus whatever % of the bar gets moved and 6 reps in and its ugly!


Hip Circle Medley 4x
Landmine Front squat 4x12

Landmine Rev Lunge to knee up 3x7side
BW split squat 3x8side

Single Leg calf raise 3x10sidex25
Landmine Anti-Rotation 3x8side

Driveway work 5 rounds
sprint, cross over step, back peddle, bounding

33 min - I hope my doctor appreciates this because it sucked

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Landmine squeeze press 3x10 ( 1,2,4 tempo)
Band pronated did row 3x12 ( 1,2,4)

Band Supinated narrow row 3x10 ( 1,2,4)
Band fly 3x7

Band side lateral 3x8side
Single arm Tru Ext 3x8side

Band Kickback 2x10
EZ Bar Curl 2x10x50

28 min… Looking forward to DL tomorrow in the gym

Deadlifting & Budweiser…

Semi Sumo Banded 7x255, 6x275, 4x295 +60 lb band
Suitcase Deads 4x6sidex115
Weighted Back Ext 70x8,8,10 80x8,8
Squat 1st time in 16 months with a bar on my back just seeing where my shoulder will tolerate my hands and bar position on my back…

One of those odd days where things went pretty well considering the 12pack I inhaled yesterday…see how the shoulder is come morning…I need to stretch it out and stretch my pec so I can get better positioning, but happy to just do it.


The 12 pack just added to your strength.

Crip- maybe I should try a 30 pack !!!

OHP 135 2x4, 3, 3x2
Chins 10,8,6,6,5. slowly coming back around, can’t do dead hang too much pressure on my shoulder
CGBP Paused 5x3x185 going to slowly add reps at this weight
Chest supported Row 3x8x45
DB shoulder press 2x12, 1x8 @40s

warm-up was face pulls superset with tricep rope pushdowns 3x10 ea

decent day

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12 pack at your age. Jeez.

I feel really guilty inhaling gin and tonics.

You never know. :grinning:

Hip Circle Medley x4
Landmine Squat 4x10x70

Landmine RDL 3x10
Wall sits 45-60 sec

Landmine Rev Lunge 3x6side
Single leg calf raise 3x10x25

Driveway work 5 rounds
sprint, crossover, backpedal, bounding

26 min near death experience…for whatever reason just struggled getting air…


you said I am not that old…I believed you!

I thought you had forgotten. Sorry, I did.

Landmine squeeze press 4x10 ( 1,2,4 tempo) x70
Band row to shrug 4x8

Landmine Meadows row 3x8side
Band kickbacks

Band single arm chest press 3x8side
Band supinated row 3x12 ( 1,2,4 tempo)

Ez bar curl 3x8 ( 1,2,4)
Landmine anti-rotations 3x8

I have the rest of the week off but am helping my son who is putting a ceiling in a 50x50 walk in freezer at my wife’s company…which means for the next 3 days my wife and her sister are my bosses…pray hard, pray often !!

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