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Still have my copy of Inside Powerlifting he was featured in and a yougnster at the time.

Semi Sumo DL + Band 5x115, 5x185, 5x235, 3x245,3x265 that’s the bar weight the band adds about 60
Leg Press 3x10x3plates side
Standing calf raise 3x10x160
Seated Hammie Curl 3x12
Cross body DB hammer curl 2x12x30s

That was yesterdays offering plus 4 hours of lawn rehab… nothing today


Band workout. 1-2-4 Tempo. 1sec concentric, 2 sec hold, 4 count eccentric

Standing chest press 3x10
Standing row to chest 3x10

Single arm fly 3x8
Supinated row to belly button 3x8

Standing curl 3x8
Single arm Oh Tri ext 3x8

Incline curl 3x8
Tri push down 3x8

actually a decent workout the tempo thing adds some effort. When I was done I almost felt like I had arms…nah !


Banded Tempo squats (1,2,4) 3x12. ( 1 sec down, hold 2, up in 4 sec)
superset with
Hip circle walks and side steps

Rev Lunge with 20lbdbs 3x8side
superset with
banded Knee raise 3x8side

Driveway work 5 rounds

Single arm OH carry Farmers bar up and back ( about 100ft each way)
Sprint up
crossover step back
back peddle up
bound back

As soon as the other guy puts down the bar you start so I had roughly 10 sec between rounds…

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Ok. I like the idea of the single arm OH carry. I sometimes to do a plate. I may give that one a try.

Crippler if you want to make it interesting we sometime use exercise bands and tie a couple of light dumbbells on each end. The oscillation of the bands makes for an interesting feel in your shoulder.

Crip- we have also carried the trap bar overhead …not fun !

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All of this is bands and standing so as not to have to repeat it and all with 1,2,4 tempo

Supinated press 3x10
supinated row 3x10

Low to high fly 3x8
straight arm pulldown 3x8

Face pull 3x8
front raise with pull a part 3x8

incline curl 2x12
single arm tri ext 2x10

total time 27 min

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Sounds a little like when we used the Slosh pipe to do overhead carries. Never did them one handed though.

Harry it does have a bite of a slosh pipe feel to it just not quite as violent

Gym day

Paused CGBP Incline. 8x135, 6x155, 4x165
Neutral grip pulldown 3x110 with 2 count hold 5 count negative
Standing OHP 10x95, 8x115, 6x125, 4x135, 2x145 - first time in 15 months doing these without pain, numbers are awful but no pain is a win
Chin ups 8,7,6,5,4,3,2,1
Cross body hammer curl 3x8x30s

I hate the mask thing but fun to be back in the gym…interesting to see how many kept up with some kind of workout and how many more did not…


I am planning on going to the gym next week. According to the rules they posted a mask is not required when exercising. I have kind of fell in love with my garage, but I miss the guys. I figure I’ll try it out. I don’t know if it will become a fulltime thing again.


Crippler-I’m thinking the same. Im not sure I’ll ever go back to strictly gym workouts…

Gym Day 2

Semi Sumo DL 4x3x290 +40lb band
Leg press 4x8-10x3 plates side
Donkey calf Mach 3x12x300
Seated hammie Curl 3x8-10 ( these were 60 sec sets)
Weighted back Ext 3x10+50lb db
Zottman Curl 2x12x25s

Transplanting Iris’s awaits ! yeah me!


Band workout ( weights coming this afternoon) all with1,2,4 tempo

Chest press 3x12
pronated wide grip row 3x12

OH Press 3x8
supinated narrow grip row 3x10

Single Arm Tri ext 3x10
Incline curl 3x8

lateral 3x8
hammer curl 3x7

good enough , slowing down the curl with the tempo…fire!


Bands with 1,2,4 tempo

Squats 4x12
Pullthrough 4x12

Knee raise 3x10side
Rev Lunge 3x8side with 35lb plate

Glute Bridge with 3 count hold 4x12

weights have arrived, just waiting on Okie Bar which is supposed to ship today.

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Incline CGBP Paused 3x5x155 ( one finger on the smooth)
straight arm pulldown (1,2,4 tempo) 3x10
OHP 5x115, 3x135, 3x145,2x150 ( starting to feel better)
Chins 9,7,6,5,4,3,2
Incline OH tri ext 2x12 60,70
standing cable fly 2x9

No umph on inclines, but happy with no pain on OHP and chins! weighed in at a massive 168.2 ( I think Harry was bigger than that in 3rd grade!)

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I’m going to catch you if you keep that up… lol

Bite your tongue…hahaha… I have to get back over 170 so the kids at the bus stop don’t make fun of me !

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Semi Sumo Banded DL 5x135, 3x225,3x255,3x275, 3x295, 1x305, 2x5x225. all plus a 60lb band

Leg press tempo (1,2,4) 4x8x3pps+10

Seated hammie curl 3x45second sets ( 10-12 reps)
Standing calf raise 3x10x160

CGBP Paused worked up to a single @205. first time over 200 since surgery. long way to go but nice to cross that bridge. I did some pressing yesterday so I really wanted to see how the shoulder would react…seems fine, will know in the morning

cable hammer curl 3x10