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Hide the Silverware

Thanks Mr Biker appreciate you! but I know around here I sit at the kids table !!

Surgery is coming , looking forward to the other side and trying again.

Circuit day

5 rounds
Row 6 min, drop a minute each round
Leg press 25reps
Curl machine 10 reps
DB row 10reps
Back ext 13 reps

Probably the healthiest workout of the week


You should be stronger than ever after surgery. You’re still “young”.

Good luck to you. My mentor, Les, is 70 and he had the surgery two years ago. He’s better than ever now.

Thanks guys!

Trap bar DL 5x330, 2x3x350 All plus 1in. Band
Belt squat 10x3pps, 3x8x3.5pps
Paused BP 3x200,210,220, 2x225, 230, 235 1x240,245,250

First time in a year with comp or wide grip… I had been doing all CgBP flat… no spotter so happy with the result given the rust…


Happy New Year OG!

Thanks Kid ! Hope you have a terrific year

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Rev pec deck 3x20
Machine lateral 3x20

Rope pull down 3x10
Face pulls 3x12
Floor press I worked up to singles at 240, 245, 250… considering I did paused BP yesterday it was good
Straight bar pull downs 4x10
Tri OH Ext 3x10, 1x8x70
Spider curl 1x10x20s, 2x10x25s right into rear delt row same weight


Tmill 20 min

Single leg press

Hammie Curl

Plate loaded squat
8x 2,3 4,5 pps, 6x6pps

Most I’ve done on the squat machine… my quads will attest to that…

Short and sweet workout


When’s your surgery?


Surgery postponed indefinitely by the hospital only doing emergency surgery due to Covid related issues…back to the gym tomorrow

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That would seem like a setback for somebody else. You, though, back to the gym…

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Well shit!

Warm up
Cable lateral 3x20
Rear delt row 3x15

Paused BP worked up to 225x2, 235x2, 240,245,250

Rope pull down 3x10


Tmill 10 min
Leg ext 3x20 single leg
Hammie curl 3x15

Sumo DL 3x275,315, 335 called it there due to some burning
Paused Sumo 3x3x225
Plate loaded squat 5x3,4,5,6pps
Face pulls 3x12
Cable curl 3x12
Supinated cable row 3x8


Row 10 min
Machine lateral 3x20
Machine tri ext 3x20

Floor press 5x215, 3x235, 2x245, 5x1x250
Seated Deadstop Fat Bar press 5x95,115,135, 4x145, 2x150,1x155, 1x160
Tri OH rope ext 3x12
Cable chest fly 3x10
cable rear delt archer pull ( making that up) 3x10 side

fun day…gym really quiet everyone must have stayed up to watch the NE Patriots lose