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I was thinking the same thing, but I first thought I was reading it wrong.

Cable lateral 3x20
DB row 3x20

CGBP paused 3x225, 3x235 1x240, 245,250 5x1 x235 with a 5 count hold just short of lockout triceps feeling it today
Seated DB press 3x10x50’s
Neutral grip chins 8,7,6,5
Weighted dips 15xbw, 2x8xbw +35

Warm up
Single leg press 3x15

Sumo DL 5x275, 3x3x315, 2x3x335, 1x345
Squat to low box 3x6x195, 2x225, 1x235
Single leg press 10x 50,75,100

Both trap bars were in use so I did sumo instead.
My surgery date will be December I find out tomorrow when and what time

Hit the reps on squat so I’ll move up to 7s at 195

Sat was just logging miles


Surgery, after that. Jeez.

As strong as ever.

Hey Crip! Just staying in the fight to keep you guys on your toes!!! Have a great Thanksgiving

Tmill 20 min walk 1.14 mi

Warm up
Chest supported row 3x20
Incline press machine 3x20

Incline Paused 1x6x185, 2x5x185, 3x195, 2x205, 1x215
Straight arm push down 3x15x35
Seated rope row 3x12x70
Cable OH Ext 3x12x45
Preacher Curl 3x10x20

No desire to push this AM but an ok day… preacher curl bugs my left elbow and forearm nothing else does so I’m confused, kinda digging the high rep warm up instead all the stretching, I hope I can find a bikini that fits right with all this sexy!


Stationary Bike 5mi 17:27

Warm up
Lying hammie curl 3x20
Leg press 3x20

Belt squat 12x1pps, 2pps, 10x3pps, 6x3.5pps
single Leg ext 3x10
Calf raise 3x12

That was it… Happy Thanksgiving to all ! Hernia so happy right now …. NOT


OG, these could be termed your “hernia workouts”. Happy Thanksgiving.

Biker I trust you and yours enjoyed the day as well.

Row 6min

Incline Paused 5x185, 3x205, 1x210, 5x1x215
Trap bar DL 5x315, 2x350, 2x370, 2x390 1x410
Squat to Low box 5x135, 4x185, 3x205, 2x215, 1x225,235,240,245,250
Seated fat bar OHP 5x95, 5x115, 4x135, 3x145, 2x155, 2x16O, 1x165

Only workout I’ll get in this week other than hotel room bands…OHP was dead stop from pins,

I meant to try and double the 410 and completely wigged out… another time perhaps


410 deadlift. Maybe get a second opinion on the hernia?

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It was on a trap bar so I’m just hoping for adequate from Harry!