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Hide the Silverware

Props on the chins. Those dadgummed things are still my bane!

10 beers? I would have been in the ER…

Harry / Skip- it was a long day!

Tmill 20 min

Warm up
Rear felt Db 3x20
Straight arm push down 3x20

Paused Incline BP 5x135, 165, 185, 4x195, 2x205

DB Row 3x10x70


Stationary bike 17:58min 5 miles

Squat to low box 3x165, 185, 195, 205
Weighted back ext 4x8xBW+80
Single leg Press 4x12xsomething
Hip Thruster 2x10x135, 2x8x185

The low box is a long way down on ole hips… but good to stretch under load. Hip thrusters done on a plate loaded machine that is new. Makes set up easy! I :+1:

Good mid week leg day workout…


Row 2000m

Warm up
Cable lateral 3x20
Chest supported row 3x20

Seated row 3x8 2 count hold
Rev curl 3x10x50
Rope OH ext 3x12x60
Preacher Curl 3x10x20
Spider Curl 3x6x25
Standing Cable fly 3x8

Just a little fluff and buff … I’m getting a jump on bikini season


See my June 1 post above.

I’ve been lifting not posting … and definitely not get stronger just hanging on !


That’s a reality that all of us eventually have to come to accept.

Trying to push back Skip !


Belt squat 2x10x2.5pps, 2x8x3pps

Trap bar DL worked up 3x3x315

Weighted back Ext 3x8xbw+90

Single leg ext 3x10x60

Standing calf raise 8x160,180,190

So I backed off on Trap Bar weight and reps… next week will be 5s at 365…


CGBP Paused 5x225, 3x235. 1x240, 245, 250 3x225 2x230

Standing landline press 10x70, 10x95, 7x105 6x120

Pendlay Row 6X135, 5x165, 4x185, 3x3x185

Weighted Dips 12xBW, 10xBw+25, 35 6xBW+50

Straight arm push down 3x10

On Pendlay going to work 185 until it’s a 3x5… I need to grab a spotter on CGBP I’m leaving some reps behind


Nice CGB. I had to look up the “landline”. Was it supposed to be “landmine”? Or are those two different things?

Skip landmine… sorry

Stat Bike 5miles 15:47 min

Single leg Press 15x60,70,80
Squat to low box 5x165,185, 195
Going to work 195 to 3x7
RDL 4 count Negative 3x8x115
Seated Hammie 2x12

Lovin the single leg press … I think it helps with knee health…


I’m glad to see you back.

Hey Crip! Thank you good to see you

Tmill 20 min 1.1mi after yesterday it took about 18 min to feel ok… the slow negative RDLs are killer

DB row 3x20x30
Cable lateral 3x20

Incline Paused 185x5,4,3,2
Cable OH EXT 3x12x50
Rear felt fly 2x13

As Dan John says the warm up is the workout!


Hi, Goat! I see you’re still lifting some good weights. Any special program these days?

Cav- Hi I trust you are doing well!

No special program. Higher rep stuff during the week when I can get to the gym. I travel a lot in my new job. And weekends when I have more time are a little more strength focused but really it’s all the same … just trying to hold off father time

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You’re holding off father time well.

Thanks Mr Biker !

Row 10 min
Single leg press 3x20

Trap bar DL 2x5x365, 1x7x365
Squat to low box 3x5x195, 3x225
Paused Sumo 5x3x205

Will move up to 3x6 on Trap Bar and Squat

Saw my Dr this week. He said good to go. #s all excellent. Have to see Hernia surgeon on Monday.

Good day


Cable lateral 3x20
Chest supported Row 3x20

CGBP Paused 3x235, 2x235, 1x245, 250, 255 3x3x225
Seated DB Press 12x45s, 10x50s, 8x55s
Weighted Chins 8xBW 2x5xbw+25, 2x4xbw+25
Weighted Dips 12xBW, 10xBw+35, 8xBW+50, 5xbw+60
DB Spider Curl 3x10x20

The 255 was fast . Think I have 10 more to harvest. I see surgeon tomorrow so based on when I get scheduled will determine some screw around max days…

BW 170.8


Wait - you have a hernia and you’re pulling 365?? Maybe I should get some of that!

Hey Cav- I wouldn’t recommend it! The Dr. wasn’t all that happy with me when I described my workouts… but what the hell, bubble and tape and I’ll be good as new