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Thick as hell overall, but especially awesome shoulders.


No offense to him, but he looks the same as he did 2 years ago. Very impressive, but not on the level of some of the other competitors.


That guy is impressive!! He made some solid improvements since the last 2 years, especially from the back!!


In my opinion he's one of the best conditioned actual bodybuilders. I would put him with Samuel in conditioning, but in aesthetics you know...


Holy fuck look at Hide!


Pfft, synthol arms, chest, legs, abs, lats, maybe not shoulders...:wink:


He's coming on big time..... They said he could have beat Silvio at NY Pro. He looks great.




Great pair of legs he's grown.


Triceps in the MM and hammies in the side chest are sucking goat balls. Still has work to do. I guess someone should forward this post to Charles Glass :wink:.


Always been a fan of Hyde. Up there with Ronnie Rockel as far as my favorite "smaller" physiques.


Nice quads. I actually laughed when I saw his first pic. For some reason I find massive really short guys hilarious. Just looks funky. He looks great though, that's for sure.


the tennis shoes are a nice touch


What kind of tennis are you watching ??? lol


they look like wrestling shoes to me


His femur length is so short, that seems to throw the whole thing off. But his legs are damn huge. Impressive, regardless. Reading some of his interviews he seems pretty straightforward. I wonder how the native Japanese view him?