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Hidden Camera Prank Gone Bad

location:Russia or somewhere in east europe

i call fake!

hey that was a good video
I cant believe it passed without any post

no recoil?

watching the second time i just get the impression its fake. if its not then damn.

Why would they stop they stop the music? It’s not recorded live it has to be edited. Fake.


There is a list of complied pranks gone bad. The 5th one is funny and the 2nd one got me. @nd is pretty funny.

The 5th one reminded me of when a local radio station had a guys girl friend with them and phoned her boy friend saying he won free dozen roses to give to someone. Well when they ask who he wants to give them to he says a different girls name that isn’t his gf. Heard this live and it was soo funny.

I personally love scaring anyone I can. The best ones I’ve done is hid around a corner when it’s dark and when someone walks by all you do is gently place your hand on their shoulder. Shivers down the spine aha. I scared my grandma.

“The video was made by Ogilvy & Mather (Argentina) and was part of the London International Advertising Awards 2000 where it won the “Low Budget Campaign” category (the big winner that year was the Wazzup commercials that took North America by storm).”