Hicks92’s Metcon for Muscle Log

Todays workout was awesome and grueling. The Surge definitely helped. I made it 12 rounds through. I used 195 for the dl, a 42lb kb for walks and 35’s for the hang clean and press. Those HC+P were rough after the kb bicep walk :face_with_spiral_eyes::face_with_spiral_eyes::face_with_spiral_eyes: my lower back was fried about 5 rounds in


You’ll find that your body will adapt really fast to those workouts and the lower back thing will subside.

Good work!


So yesterday the football scrimmage was 3 hrs long in the sun and was extra muggy which made basketball rough but surge helped so much.
Today, i did my 5 games today with 2 servings of surge by my side. I didnt get a lift in. A coach in the last game decided it was ok to put his hands on me and one thing led to another So that was special. :face_with_spiral_eyes::face_with_spiral_eyes::face_with_spiral_eyes:

Day 5 workout was awesome. My shoulders gave out long before the energy from my surge workout fuel.

B1Push Press (Bar) 2 x 5 135 lbs
B2Dumbbell Lateral Raise Multi-ROM 2 x 15-20 i had to use 10’s :joy::joy:
B3 Overhead Dumbbell Carry 2 x 1 min it said light but i felt good so i decided to try and use my tall yoke bar. That wasnt my best idea :face_with_spiral_eyes:

The second part of my workout made my chest either explode or just show how pumped i was from first part

C1 wt. Dip|2 x 5 reps (added a 45lbs plate)
C2 Dumbbell Bench Press Multi-ROM 2x10-15 reps 55’s 1st set 45 2nd set
C3 Two Push-up Strict Burpee 2 x 1 min

Uhh…those burpees made me my chest the most. Those pushups were hard after the 3rd one and im not gonna lie i was moving slow😂

Did dip iso holds in 5 sets and stretch in 2 sets with 15’s

Its been 45 min since my workout and still feel pumped

Ive got 6 college football scrimmages from thurs-sat. Im trying to get one of the schools to let me use one if their weight rooms. If not, how can i make workout 8 work?

Considering your activity level, I would actually not be opposed to skipping ONE workout. Just run faster on the field!


Day 2 was fun and taxing. I pushed really hard on the lunges(maybe a little to hard) i was so beat I could barely breathe holding a bar with 10’s on it for the zercher squat hold so ended down to a 25lbs db by the end of it :unamused:
A Prowler Pushing 1 x 2 min 65

B1 Lunge (SSBar)|2 x 5 reps/leg 155
B2 Goblet Squat Multi-ROM|2 x 10-15 reps 55lbs
B3 Sled Walking Backward|2 x 1 min 135

C1 Romanian Deadlift (Bar)2 x 5 reps 155lbs
C2 Leg Curl Multi-ROM 2 x 10-15 reps 155lbs
C3 Kettlebell Swing 2 x 1 min 48lbs

D Zercher Squat 90-Degree Iso. Hold 1 x 2 65,45,35, 25 in 6 sets

E Bulgarian Split Squat Loaded Stretch 1 x 2 min. No weight, just elevated for better stretch

Honestly those Zercher holds are killer. Did them a lot in the past, and even with fresh legs anything close to 100lbs is helluhard

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My legs were gassed but i was really shocked at how fried my abs were

Day 7 pull
A Farmer’s Walk 1 x 2 min 135
B1 Muscle Snatch from Hang 2 x 5 reps 135
B2 Snatch-Grip Shrug Iso-Prefatigue|2 x 10-15 95
B3 Farmer’s Walk 2 x 1 min 145

C1 Pendlay Row|2 x 5 reps 115lbs
C2 Chest-Sup. Rear-Delt Raise MDS 2 x 10-15 reps 5lbs dm
C3 Zercher Carry 2 x 1 min 60lbs db

D Chin-up Top Position Iso. Hold|1 x 2 min used 200lbs in 2setd

E Pull-up Hang 1 x 2 min took 5 sets 1x50 sec 1x30 1x20 2x10

I was super tight and physically tired going into todays workout. So i spent a lot more time warming via foam rolling, jump rope, and shoulder dislocates. Surprisingly, I felt strong during the workout. Not really endurance strong but definitely powerful. The pull up hangs give the craziest forearm pumps. Ill upload my before pictures when I’m done traveling tonight.

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50 seconds on the pull-up hang for your first bout is pretty darn good. Thank you for the update.

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Im going to start dropping calories Monday so i can drop more body weight before the season.

No problem, but do it conservatively at first so that you have no performance issues. Then lower as needed as long as performance stays up. Basically, use workout performance as your guide to how much of a deficit you can have


Awesome, thank you :+1:

my games start at 3 and 7 so ill start drinking my 1st serving of Surge in an hour as we walk towards the field than have the second half at half time. It’ll be way cooler than here then AZ was last week.

Ive now got a third game saturday and itll be hard to eat in between. Can i just drink Mag-10 In between the games and be fine?

Apple watch readings for todays games

Absolutely! I’ve done that quite a bit during whole-day seminars where eating solid food lowers my drive and energy

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Thank you, i hate eating when im super hot and have to run a lot