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Hick Diner Off I-10 Between New Orleans/Pensacola


I'm visiting from the UK and I've only eaten at swish places - but I want to rough it, the roughter the better.

By "Hick", I mean a diner that makes the one in 'Becker' look like the Ritz, one where you get change out of $1 for breakfast, the cashier, cook and server are the same person, a toothless old cretin who stinks of booze and piss, his head is already slumped over his cash till, and who greets us with the words, "What tha fuck you people lookin' at?"


Anyone got any places they know? You can just say your car had a flat and it was the only place to eat...


Going off of the description of what you're looking for, I assume you've already come to terms that it could be the last meal you'll ever eat and that you could potentially be the "Daily Special" the following day?


Dude there is shit between that area on I10 any where you stop will end up a potential ass rape. Are you from the south?


There was this place in my home town (>8000 people, pretty small) on the "bad" side (see: minority) that had this little country bumpkin vibe to it, HUGE. What's funny is that it was bar none probably the best fucking place in the entire area to eat. Crazy portions, pricing, and hospitality.


Indeed I am, how did you guess?


Lucky. Are you currently driving or is this a planned ass rape?


South, driving, ass-rape - I have no idea what you're on about.


Well I take it from the question that you are not from the area correct? This area is not known for its "liking strangers" just my .02 and it has been awhile since I drove through there. However there are many parts of that state that I would fear for my life.

So maybe not raped while you were alive, cause its easy to get rid of a body in swamp country.


I remember on the flight from Rita we stopped at a pretty run-down "gas-station/super-market" somewhere in Southern Louisiana.
Place looked creepy as fuck; the guy there offered us to ride out the storm in his trailer. He claimed to be 40 but looked more like 65, toothless, the whole nine yards. We declined.

I can't remember exactly where it was, tho.


The guy is from UK and he wants to rough it in a place with shitty food.


My question is why you want to eat horrible food?


He wants to act like us "Americans"


Alright, here goes. This place is a few miles from the interstate, but not far, and it's a straight shot. Get off at exit 57 and go north app. 5 miles. You'll come to the tiny town of Vancleave, Mississippi. Go most of the way through town to the first stoplight (there are only two). BJ's Cafe is on the right. They only serve breakfast and lunch, so you have to be coming through by noon. Talk to Dede if you get the chance. She owns the place and can (and will) whip most any man around. The place looks like hell, but the food is very good if you're into authentic southern cooking.

If you enjoy your visit, stop by Johnson Chiropractic Clinic on your way back through town and say Hi.


Appreciate the write-up. So this Dede whipping men around, is this some sort of revenge for her ancestors being lashed?


You can try The Shed near Pascagoula, Ms. It's not quite what you are looking for, but kinda neat.

Other than that, pretty much any Waffle House east of Texas is what you seek.


I'd recommend south Louisiana below New Orleans--get into Cajun country...e.g., Grand Isle and such. You'll find what you're looking for no problem.


Looked it up, it's actually just off the I-10 AND on the way to BJ's cafe' in Vancleave, but you're right, it's not the very greasy spoon.


He's from the UK.


You're right, they are at the same exit. The Shed is really good barbeque, but not what I thought you were seeking. No, Dede isn't seeking revenge for any ancestral wrongs; she grew up the only girl in a family of rough boys. Her three brothers have some of the fiercest reputations around, and she can certainly hold her own. They are actually pretty interesting people if you can get to know them.


Def worth a stop. Decent looking chicks and great chow.

Was there about a month ago. Hadn't eaten there since Katrina, but was still pretty much the same.