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Hiccup/Delay During Judging?


I competed in a bodybuilding comp. last weekend. For my first show, and with being over 6' in Light-Heavy, I was very happy with top 3 placement, so I'm definitely not complaining. However, I am curious about a little delay that occurred while handing out awards. They called the top 5 out and began presentation. When they called 3rd (me) everything stopped.

The person presenting the awards looked at the judges, one of the judges pointed at me and started talking with another, and one of the other people walked up to confirm my name and number. After a while it was apparent something was off, one of the competitors called for a pose down. The judge that seemed to run everything looked at us seemingly a bit aggravated and waived the award process on.

Any idea what that could have been about?


Did you ask the judge(s)?


Well, first off, you look fantastic.

Next, I think you KNOW what the delay was about. Someone most likely had trouble with your placing.


Sounds about right. Lotta times judges either have ties to various competitors, or there the promoter has a reason for wanting a certain person to place well.

Definitely looking damn good based on your avatar pic!
Congrats on top 3 at your height! Never easy being the tall guy up there -lol.



Thanks for the compliments.

I kinda wondered if it could have been something like that. The only judge I could find after the show was the one that didn't want to give anyone the time of day, so I didn't bother. The promoter came back stage, shook my hand, and urged me to come back next year. I got the feeling he was implying that something happened with my placement. Either way I had fun and placed well, and now I'm hooked!


You certainly look like you have a lot you could contribute to the BB forum-- please post more!




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