HIAH: How to Choose the Right Weight?

Hello from France,

for the HIAH programs, you need to choose the weight in the fisrt set : a weight you can lift for 4-6 reps (for example) and keep this weight for all sets.

My question is :
is it 4-6 reps until total failure or “technical” failure ?
I know that Waterbury advocate “technical failure” for the sets, but does not explain for the fisrt one (wich determine the load)

Thanks !

total and technical failure?What?

Bill Roberts (last post here : Undertraining Huge in a Huryy - Competitive Bodybuilding - Forums - T Nation) says :

"Waterbury, or if not him, some other writer or writers use the phrase “technical failure,” which is clearer. This does not mean attempting another rep but failing to get it, but rather having a rep that did not meet some technical standard. Which could include some bar speed considered minimal. "