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hi everybody

i haven’t introduced myself properly till now.

i have been training enthusiastically for 1 year 8-9 months now.
these are my stats:
Experience = 1.7 - 1.8 years
Age = 17 years
Weight = 78 kgs
Body Fat % = 17%
Raw Flat Barbell Bench Press = 76 kgs x 3 reps
Raw Barbell Squats = 101 kgs x 3 reps
Raw Barbell Deadlifts = 123 kgs x 3 reps

i used to have a body fat % of 34.3.

these were my stats when i began training:
weight = 75 kgs
age = 15 years
waist = 36"
chest = 39"
shoulders = 44"
arms = 12"
body fat % = 34.3%

now, 1 year and 8-9 months later, here are my stats:
weight = 78 kgs
age = 17 years
waist = 32"
chest = 42"
shoulders = 49"
arms = 14.5" (flexed)
body fat % = 17%

i have never dieted or even done cardio religiously. all i have been doing is lifting heavy weights.
i know some of you will say “Cardio is a must you beginner - just coz you didn’t do it doesn’t mean NO ONE needs to do it !” so i’ll explain myself. yes, i used to do cardio but not religiously. what i mean is i would run for 1-1.5 hours once every month on the treadmill and burn up a minumum of 1000 kcals.

but, now i am doing cardio every alternate day for 30 minutes and burning approximately 400-500 kcals per session.

by the way, my goal is muscle mass but strength on the big three lifts (deadlift, squat and bench press). now i know your gonna say “With your goal being mass gain; wtf are you doing so much of cardio?” well, the answer is because i want to lose some extra fat. thats all.

i don’t have time to post the entire workout right now, but i will do so soon.

glad to meet everybody :smiley:


Keep it up if its working


Are you the big black man, one of the hot blonds, or the cartoon?

[quote]The Mage wrote:

Are you the big black man, one of the hot blonds, or the cartoon?[/quote]


the black man i don’t want to be…

the cartoon is good looking and marzia prince is a babe :smiley:

Keep it up, you are doing great, and if you want to do cardio then do it… let us know how you progress in the future.