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Since I'm a lurker, and lurking is odd, I though I'd stop.


Yes, this new thread was neccesary.


just to make it better.


I liked you better when you were lurking.


:: after 5min of staring::

thanks polo.

thread, saved.


I stared for 5 minutes too.


Listening to Jehovafitness is odd.

j/k! but not really.

Welcome, start posting more. We're a bunch of cool (assholes) people around here. See ya around.


Glad I could help out :slight_smile: ... I had a link to where she plays wii naked, but I can't find it or I'd post it.


I had to come in w/ the assist for polo....with an old favorite


welcome friend, to neelydan country


err.....yeah, i've seen that.

gotta love being a boy!


I lurk more.


I picked this one up off of the original "who has the best rack" ... also was my original avatar




Lurkers, stay in the shadows my friends! Look what we have to deal with on an everyday basis. All us posters smile and seem happy to be here, but we're all actually miserable on the inside. MISERABLE.


you're damn right. I'm just upset b/c I didn't get the free new to be released supplement :wink:


PMPM after she started posting on T-Nation ... she went downhill QUICK


wtf? Explain?


Its a damn shame what this place will do to people. Damn shame...


Hate you.


Where's the love?