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1st time trying to keep a serious log… see how this goes

Feb 29 PRs

Front Squat: 225x1
Back Squat: 275x3
Power Clean: 185
GHR: BWx20-ish

Military Press: 155x3
Bench Press: 245x1
Dips: BW+70x6

Pull-Ups: BWx25-ish, Marine Corps said 20 was good
T-Bar Row: 150+BARx5

Already forgot about trying to log this stuff lol

Power Clean: 175x3, then an ugly 185x1
Military Press: 155x3,3,4 couldn’t hit 165 without cheating it a little bit.
Db Press: 50s 5x8
Superset seated side laterals w front raises 30s n 35s 5x10
Rear Delt flye: 25s 5x10
Superset cable curls w tricep extensions: 120 n 140 5x10
– felt sluggish all day

Power Clean: 175 1 every minute for 15 min
Barbell Rows: 175 5x6
Snatch high pulls: 175 5x5
Pull ups w 25 lbs: 5x8
– still wasn’t in the mood for this but pushed through

Had a squat mindset today but shit happens…

CG-Grip Bench: 5x2@235
Corner BB press: 5x7@75
A) BB curls: 5x10@80
B) Pec Dec:2x10@175,3x10@190
Rope Pulldowns: 5x5@140
Pullovers: 4x6@80
Incline Bench: 4x5@185

Safety Squat: 225x3 245x2, 4x2@265
Seated GMs: 4x12@110 manual resistance on negative
GHR: 5x10@10
1 Plate Platform Box Squat: 2x10@185, 3x8@225
Wide Grip Pull Ups: 17 for boredom sake

Was supposed to be an off day but got dragged in…
Speed Bench: 7x3@185 
Spoon Press: 5x8@70
Dips: 3x10@70, 2x6@90 alotta pressure on collar bone :-/
Chest-Supported Row: 6x6@185, last set dropset 185,160,135, 90
Preacher Curls: 5x6@75ish

Oor@hh yut yut
13 mile hike with 70 pound pack