Hi-Temp Bumper Plates


Anybody got any experience with these.

I got a 20 and 10 KG pair for 200 bucks. I didn’t get them from the link above. The HI-Temp factory is near my home town so i got the factory Pick-it-Up myself deal. They have a 5 year guarentee.

They are supposed to be the toughest training bumpers around. I’ve got the 10, 15, 20 kgs. No probs yet.

I got the Rogue bumper plates. I think they are the same bumper, just made specifically for roguefitness.com to sell. I got a package w/ I think 320lbs of bumpers and the rippetoe burgener bar.

They’ve been holding up alright although I’ve only had them for about 3 months. The 10lb plates are pretty flimsy, but I guess that is to be expected.

They are a little bit wider than some of the other comparably priced bumpers and the insert seems kinda cheap, but it gets the job done and the insert might make them last longer.

I’m happy w/ the purchase.

I got to play with some at a x-fit gym last year. they look tough as old hookers but i think you’re right that the insert/bar rim might get loose and go floppy, at least on the 10’s.

I like the elikos better but they are obviously priced as such. I usually do not drop the 10’s by themselves. I like to put a solid soap 5kg on the outside to prevent any slanting.

Shit thing is that they are in pounds. What the fuck is with that? who wants to lift in pounds? somebody obviously. I am big into the Kg’s and bringht colors. I think i would be tilted enough to buy more expensive bumpers because they had bright shiny colors [not to mention Kg’s].

They also land with a great bang too.


I use these regularly at my gym. I really like them. They do seem like they’ll last forever.