hi ppl

just a quick hi to everyone from a new member.

sorry if my recent questions have been covered still using the search function

thanx ppl i hope to gain a lot from this large group


Welcome Chris. Are you related to Christopher Robin? :slight_smile:

Glad you find the site! There’s a wealth of information between these forums and the T-Mag articles.

Chris, welcome aboard.

welcome aboard chris!

Hey Chris! Glad to see you here!

let’s all raise our guinnes pints to celebrate a new member. Chris, as long as you provide the good Guinness from Scotland, we’ll be happy.

Glad to have you here!!

Nice to have you here. Most of us don’t bite. The others will for a nominal fee.

And stay away from JWright, that is, unless you’re into the homosexual thing.

Jared’s from Greece and he’s making fun of homosexuals…

CGB’s from Poland, and he’s making fun of anybody? Dumb Pollock.

thanx for such a warm welcome, this is one of the few groups i use, as im sure u are aware there are a lot of crap ones out there! lol

CGB - at least he doesn’t have “pole” as a base word in his country!! HAHA!! Gay pollock.