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Hi, Newbie Here

Hi sorry if this is taboo or something here but I was wondering how strong I am for my size

I am 16 and I am 5’8 and weigh 150 lbs…Idk fat percentage but I don’t have abs ha D:

Bench-185 once
Squat-255 10x
Power Clean- 165 once
Over Head Press- 135
Trap Bar-275

I am a junior in High school but I want to get stronger. I have been moderately working out for 2 years but lately I got more intense, how good do those numbers look?

you can only deadlift 20 pounds more that you squat x 10 max?

What’s up with that?

Overall, considering your body weight, for a 16 year old, I would say that you are doing well, but Im not sure exactly what you want people to tell you in response to this information. Perhaps it would be more useful to start a log and show people how well and far you are able to progress

If you’re squatting correctly, you’re most likely stronger than most 165 pound kids. And by correctly I don’t mean those half squats you see your football team doing.

Yea I pretty much never do the dead lift…the only reason I can do that much is because I do squats hehe.