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Hi, New Here

Hey guys, thought I’d stop being a lurker and sign up and post a little to introduce myself. I’m 18, 6’0 180lbs, roughly 9-10% bodyfat. From the bay area in Cali.

I started working out almost 6 years, though all together I’ve had maybe a total of 1 1/2 years of workout experience. (the first 6 months or so being the best, yet worst).

I made progress just doing bench presses, flies, curls, side deltoid circles, rear delt rows, leg extensions, leg curls, and situps for 4 months then slowing down. Since then I did a lot of iso exercises from time to time, adding almost a year of workout experience.

Finally I found some info on more exercises, and I basically stopped all push exercises, and did bent-over rows for a while to balance myself out. I’m at a good point now. I mostly do compounds and am liking the results.

I’ve been keeping a solid routine and what not. I’m not expecting much results for a while, but I have gotten stronger all around, especially in my deadlifts, and hamstrings.

Thought I’d give ya a history of my workout experiences too to know me a little more. Also, I workout at home, my current goals are to increase my bench to at least 250lbs for 6 reps (currently at 190 for 6), 225lbs bent-over rows (currently at 165 for 6), 350 deadlift 5x5, and squat 400lbs.

(I don’t have a squat rack, but I do overhead squats, and I’m gonna be taking a powerlifting class soon). I enjoy all the wealth of info on this site, too. It has helped a lot.


Welcome, and congratulations on taking things in hand and making progress and aiming for goals! That’s the spirit!

Welcome to the site! Keep posting.

not much to say other than read all on this site, then go do it…hope that helps…oh and when you pick a program stick to it, dont change programs every week…good luck. --Gags

Hey, great that you got into things so early… and found this place so you can get all the info you need.

Keep it up!