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Hi New Here :)


i thought i'd start out with an intro so here it goes..

me in a peanut shell :slight_smile:
20 years old
5ft 2in
121 lbs
12% bf

just started working out in october 2010 when my boyfriend purchased me fancy power rack for my birthday.. how sweet :slight_smile:

i've lost over 30 pounds last year the wrong way and now im trying to gain some feminine muscle and lose more fat around my stomach. For the first time in my life my abs are starting to show and im totally excited about it

my workouts right now are

bench press
incline bench
shoulder press

lat pulls
reverse grip pulls
bent rows
seated rows

stiff leg deadlifts
calf raises

i do very low intensity cardio(50-60 minute walks) 2-3 times a week

my diet(tweaked version of dave palumbo diet):

1st meal: 4 eggwhites 2 whole eggs
2nd meal: 3 oz turkey w/ lowfat cheese
3rd meal: same as 2nd
4th meal: 5 oz chicken & 1/2 oz peanuts
5th meal: 4 oz 93/7 percent ground beef

supplemented with omega fish oil, mutlivitamin, cla, oxy elite pro fatburner(on a 4 week break from this for now)

im here to learn :slight_smile: so give me your suggestions!


I'm hungry just by looking at your diet, no offense.
I'm hoping you're eating lots of veggies.
Do you have any carbs/ cheat meals?
I'd lose the peanuts and eat almonds instead.
You gotta eat to gain muscle...what do your macro numbers look like?

What do your main lifts look like? In that I mean numbers for squat, bench, DL..

Hi! Welcome to PW.


Hi there! Welcome! :slight_smile:

Maybe think about separating your deadlifts and squats into different days...

X2 on what sky says...if you arent eating veggies eat lots of them, some at every meal if you can. Will help fill you up and keep your guts working happily.

Good luck with everything! :slight_smile:



I am fairly new as well. I agree with the above posters. I eat the same amount of food as you...but in one meal! Definitely need to eat more veggies and just more in general lol

I also agree that maybe squatting a different day than deadlifting might be beneficial. When I first started lifting, I did both in the same day but as it got heavier, I couldn't keep that up.

Good luck!


Hi and Congrats on your weight loss!


oh fuck its figure athlete.



I don't see much carb in your diet, and at 12% body fat, you could probably include some either before or after your workout. Ask away, post pics, and have fun.


Welcome! I cannot really advise, I'm new too, but I <3 sprints so meme related:)


hi and welcome :slightly_smiling:

lol charlie that pic really cracks me up.

do you have any strength goals omega? i dunno... chin-ups or bodyweight squat or something like that?

will be interesting to see your progress.


Hi Omega and welcome.

You're my height. What are your lifting stats?

Yes on pictures, and loosing 30 pounds is impressive.


Are you trying to lose weight still? That is a weight loss diet. Not TOO Far off from what my coach feeds me though he gives me more fat, a bit more calories and also a protein shake and carbs post every lifting workout.

EDIT: On second look I eat more carbs than that too.