Hi! New Here. Just Wanted to Introduce Myself

I’m Veronica. I’m 52 and have only been lifting for 4 weeks but I already am experiencing significant muscle development especially in my legs. I am told I am a Mesomorph. Never lifted before but I grew up on a farm doing heavy work. I can lift the entire 410 weight on the leg press machine for 6-7 reps. I can only bench 70 pounds or so on the machines and with the free weights I am so unbalanced I can only bench the bar with a spotter. I love lifting and the changes I am seeing in my body.-A little more about me I gave birth to my last child at age 50 and he’s perfect. I also have a 30 year old son and a 29 year old daughter and 3 grandchildren. The two year old is from my second husband and this is his first child. Life is wonderful! So glad to be in this group as everyone around me is very negative about female bodybuilders. Nice to get some support! Oh and my stats are I am 5’10" tall and currently weigh 172 pounds with some beautiful kick ass legs and thighs! lol

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Move your log to the Over 35 section. There’s a vibrant community there, many of whom are very seasoned lifters.