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Hi Im New

I am a beginner in bodybuilding. I have been training at home with an olympic weight set for 6 weeks. I have seen great results by following Berardi et al nutrition facts. I started 185lb 14%bf currently 194lb 10%bf at 5’11. I feel great and will never turn back to “regular” lifestyle. Im 21 and latino from Puerto Rico. I work at CompUSA as a sales rep. I could consider myself mesomorph/endomorph. I am joining the Air Force for the experience and benefits for my family. I m married and have a baby girl on the way by January 2006. I dont know when ill leave for basic.

USAF has a weight limit. For my height im already maxed. I like my added mass but want MORE. My life goal would be 200lb 4-8% maybe less. My wife says im already big. Compared to her! My fear is running at 4am for 6weeks on an empty stomach on 3 meals a day!! i could not eat 4000 calories on 3 meals for 6 weeks. I will loose some muscle mass. I cant even take a multi-vitamin or Liver tabs.

After those 6 weeks comes tech training. That lasts 4-10 months depends on the job. Ill just restart 6-8 meals and hit the weights. So i guess i wont sweat it. Anyhow thats my intro to the community.

Welocome. LOL

Oh and great work.

Yea I hear those jets are not the greatest environment for Large type mamals. Also expect to lose some mass in basic etc. but hey your young. get in do your time become an officer and then get SWOLE and retire Young and Ripped.

Congrats on the coming Child as well.

I am in the AF. If you are reasonably muscular and lean, don’t worry about the weight limits too much.

I am 5’11" and weigh 225-230. I am nowhere near 10% BF and I have no problems with the standards. The running suck though!


Thanks! Officer is the way to go.