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Hi, I'm New! Starting a 4-Week Blitz


Just saying hello here quick.

I have been reading this site for over 2 years on and off, it's always stood out as the place that cuts the figurative 'shit' and gets right to it. I've been amazed this year with just how much new cutting edge information that has been released by people like CT and thanks to the effort of many others in that process.

I've never trained for much longer than about 10 weeks... I got some good gains, I think I went from 148 - 170 in that time, performing somewhat of a traditional 4 day split, chest/tricep, back/bicep, shoulders and then legs which was basically just a cop out involving a few sets of hack squats. I did something of around 2 exercises per bodypart and between those two exercises about 12 sets per bodypart.

I injured myself benching and after that my life circumstances changed a bit and I haven't been able to workout since. This month I've taken some drastic actions and I've put things in place to get better.

I'm currently about 160 and I'm about to start a 4-week blitz on my body, just because I can't stand how I look right now.

This time round I'm going for mark rippetoes starting strength programme. I've decided for this particular one because you can't argue with his results or his methods and regardless of if I have no intention of ever doing meets in powerlifting and regardless of the fact I'm not as dedicated as some of you guys in the sense of developing outstanding physical strength, I would like the best balance of strength and physique, so I guess my goal is to look like I workout.

So I've got the food to fuel my workouts and I'm getting myself some Biotest supp's screw the fact the price is steeper than some other brands out there, because I want quality stuff and frankly some of the other supplements I'm seeing are scaring me. No-XPLODE or w.e and so on.

One final thing to add, I'm dedicated to this, last time round I did nothing but commit my day to bodybuilding 100% this time round it's the same, except I feel like I'm doing a better programme with less chance of injuring myself and using supplements to optimize my recovery even more. Also I'm a bit of a volume fanatic, I like it and I respond well to it so I'm doing 2 a days. Workout A in the Morning workout B at night.

I'll post back when I see some results.

Have a good christmas!


No offense man, but you claim to be very serious about this, and yet are only going on a 4 week lifting cycle? That's not serious, everyone in the world does that in January. Serious people do this FOR YEARS ON END.

Also, the Starting Strength Program, as laid out, does not lend itself well to 2-a-days. You are welcome to try it out, but its written the way it is to factor in recovery. You also claim to be a "volume fanatic" - which is the exact opposite of the Rippetoe program, maybe something else would be more your cup of tea.


You make good points. This 4 week thing is more down to the fact I know I can get the nutrition spot on for 4 weeks, after that money will be an issue... Which means 2 a days will be totally out of the question with less than great nutrition. I also feel even with good nutrition I'd burn out after 4 weeks doing 2 a days.

I'm a beginner with a BIG vision which is why I felt Starting strength is the best start. True it's not typically volume oriented. Would you have any other suggestions for what sort of programme could benefit me doing 2 a days and give me equal strength/size gains?



Oh my you have a lot to learn. I don't know whether people are going to actually try to help you around here, or just wait until you completely burn yourself out and re-injure yourself with stupid training so you can learn for yourself. And BTW, what is "volume fanaticism" anyway?

I have outlined an EXCELLENT 2 a day training program that would be just right for someone "getting back into the game" like you.
workout 1: Eat a good breakfast.
workout 2: Strength training
workout 1: Re-read "Starting Strength"
workout 2: Practice squat technique
workout 1: Read and/or watch any of Cressey's stuff on mobility
workout 2: Strength training
workout 1: Read 5 nutrition articles on TNation
workout 2: Spend a little time at your local market getting to know what healthy foods they carry after you learn how to intelligently read a nutrition label.
workout 1: Strength training
workout 2: Watch "The Biggest Loser" on Hulu and learn exactly what training is NOT about.
workout 1: Take a walk with a cute girl.
workout 2: "workout" with said girl
workout 1: Use your wrists to click on "Order Now" after you find a foam roller online.
workout 2: Make a list of REALISTIC short-term and long-term quantitative goals for your training. I.e. short-term: deadlift 300 by spring break. Long-term: weigh 200 by end of 2012

**squeeze in cardio and more reading where you see fit




I'm sorry to have wasted your time, but that's not the advice I'm looking for really. I appreciate that you feel I could do some long term damage if I go ahead with this... But I assure you... I have an intelligent nutrition plan, have read way over 5 nutrition articles here, and have a cute girl.


I know it's not the advice you were looking for, and I know that you're not looking for advice. You didn't waste my time...I just wish that I could've gotten through to you. You're looking for encouragement that you're not going to get from anyone on this site who has seriously trained for more than a year. I never said anything about long term damage. I only mentioned short term damage...i.e. burnout and injury. The best I can do now is hope that you and any newbies who may read this thread will learn from your mistake. You seem too sure of yourself right now, which is never a good thing. You look at the best and brightest in training and you will see one thing in common--they are constantly evolving in their beliefs and always willing to expand their knowledge. Most importantly, they are not afraid to change their minds and admit that somethings they once believed in just don't work.

You assure me you have an intelligent nutrition plan, yet you are not happy with the way you look. So you really don't know yet, do you? You only know "in theory" I suppose. Plus, you don't have to prove anything to me...just yourself. And even if you found the holy grail of diets...you're only doing it for 4 weeks. The choices you make in the kitchen will be crucial for the rest of your life...not just the next month.

Why do you think you have to train twice a day? Because more training = more results? Are you sure you've read any articles on this site? Have you ever tried working out 12 times in a week?

I really hope you stick with it and don't injure yourself. I also hope you can come back here in the future and have a good laugh at everything you wrote. I don't mean that in a rude way either. I can relate to where your head is right now.


Oh, and props on the cute girl. =)


The advice MIGHT be to just do starting strength as written, which is what the guy who wrote it does with all of his trainee's and has done so for over 20 years. There is a reason it isnt written as you have planned it out I think... Just speculating.


This is all fair enough...

I do change my mind a lot, maybe too much - it's kind of a miracle I chose any programme at all.
I think my obsession with doing it twice a day is because in this case I do think I'll get more results, I tried it out last year with a 4 day split so I was training 8x/ week for 2 weeks before my body had enough. I got some good results for 2 weeks training and 1 week resting. I planned on doing it better this time, I read here before to leave 6 hours between each training session if you're doing 2 a days, so that was my plan as well as getting a lot of calories in throughout the day and having an extra sleep for an hour.

If you think it's a really dumb idea I accept that and I will do it just once a day as rippetoe actually outlines. The reason I've got it down as 4 weeks is because my parents may as well be smack heads, they don't give a shit about food and spend all their money down the pub or buying cigarettes and other crap they don't need.

So I'm taking advantage of the excess of food that will be in the house over christmas. And hoping in 4 weeks I can get even a minor transformation done... Before it becomes a fight to even get the energy to workout once a week without atrophy...


My last set of results from 2 a days helped during this process along with a 4 day split after the 2 a days for 2 weeks + rest week...

A year of not training on, I want to get back to where I was before I stopped as soon as possible.


One of these things is not like the others.


Look, Rippetoe knows a lot more about lifting than you, you can agree to that right? If Starting Strength worked better as a 2-a-day program he would say so. It was designed with the requisite down-time needed to grow and recover. No wonder you burn yourself out doing squats and deads twice a day.

Regardless of what program you choose, any lifter will tell you that CONSISTENCY over the LONG TERM is the only constant among people who have acheived any sort of real body transformation.

You'll find people who look great at low volume, low reps training with a moderate fat/low carb diet. You'll find people who look great training high volume, 8-10 reps with low fat high carbs. Both those sets of people will have one thing in common... YEARS of consistent diet and getting into the gym doing non-retarded programs (like using a bastardized 2-a-day version of Starting Strength to pick a purely hypothetical example). I hate to tell you but if you're training twice a day, you aren't doing Starting Strength. That's not the program.

Sorry if that's harsh but that 4-week blitz thing blew me away.