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Hi - Help?

I am Mike and i am new to this. i need a workout program ASAP.thanks

Beginners section? Read the stickies.


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lazy fuck, go read

[quote]eatliftsleep wrote:
lazy fuck, go read[/quote]

And then play in traffic.

Welcome, “the stickies” are the top threads with a little yellow square like a post it note and they remain at the top so they are easy to find. In the beginners forum you will see 4 of them to help you.
All the best!

Beginner Must read:

New to T-Nation?

Are you a beginner 2?

do this routine not that dumb one:

Hi Mike. There’s some GREAT workouts on this site. They will get you ripped ASAP!



Hey guys, I need someone else to put in effort for me. I don’t like effort. Can one of you guys do this? Also I need a sandwich, asap. I’ll be on my couch.