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HI , Help with Deads

Thought I would introduce myself since I?ve been lurking here for over a year.

I’m 22 5’11 and currently 220 , I?ve been working out for over 3 years and recently begun training hard for a local competition (body building). I credit T-Nation for keeping me motivated and well informed. I like to lift heavy and eat big but I do have a couple of questions.

I recently been to my doctor for some pains in my forearms, as I have had previous injuries to my upper back ( didn’t follow-up with ) he thinks it may be part of the cause. I have already had X-rays done and am awaiting the results. He did mention that I should stop doing conventional squats until results are back . Since then I have been pushing hard on front and hack squats ( EFFIN love hack squats ). The problem is my deadlift is suffering a bit, I usually pull 450 but am struggling to get 400 for 3 .

I have been doing stiff leg deads and hack squats for 350 but the problem for regular deads seems to be the first bit of the pull.

I am going to wait until I hear from the Doctor before I squat (regular) again but should I still be hitting the hack for hamstring strength. Is there anything else I could do to get my dead back up (its sucks to get weaker) ? Thanks for the help in advance and T-Nation Rocks.

Anyways sorry for the long post and hopefully I can get some pics up within a few days.

Im not qualified to recomend anything because I wouldnt want you to cause more damage. However when I was young and silly Id plow through the pain and get no where.
My advice is avoid anything that can hurt you more until you get your doctors ok. Cause you have a comp coming up you would better to be a little behind and have to catch up a muscle then to be put in the postision were you cant compete or train at all!

Also Im not sure if you mentioned this but try to get a sports doctor and let them know you are a competitor in a sport. Your treatment should change