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Hi Guys, Looking for Advice


hello, im 18 years old and currently starting my gap year. i casually joined the gym about 3 months ago but in the last month i have started taking it more seriously, both in the gym and looking it up on the computer at home. i am basically posting here to ask your advice on my specific situation and make sure i get started on the right tracks.

firstly in around 4-5 months im going travelling around asia, im not asking how will i be able to look huge by then but i want to make sure i make the most progess i can before i go as it will be alot easier if i am fitter and stronger. i am naturally a slim person, i have light bones and i dont put on weight what ever i eat. since ive been going to the gym i have made a good start and put on alot of muscle in comparison to before.

in the nutrition area i think i need to eat more but this is difficult because im saving for my travelling and buying tons of food is expensive and i work alot so its hard to eat enough thoughout the day. however one thing i do have is free access to milk because i work in a coffee shop, so ive started drinking about 2 cups a day, as well as trying to generally eat more of the right stuff. also would using a weight gain and recovery supplement be worth it?

i am just starting the tentigers full body program, would you advise this? before i just did the exercises i knew without any structure but making sure all of the major muscle groups were worked. If you've managed make it though that wall of text i apologise but would really appreciate your advise, please let me know if there is other infomation you need to help, or anything i could make clearer.

weight - about 126 pounds, i need to check as the scale isnt very accurate
height - around 5ft 10"


This whole response is based on the fact that I don't believe in trolls...

yeah, yeah, we all are...eat more. You think huge dudes have been that way they're whole life? Everyone starts skinny/weak unless you grew up on a farm or something like that. Get a gram of protien per lb of bodyweight (from food ALONE), THEN drink like 3 protien shakes A DAY.

excuses already? Sounds like you want to get big, but you won't let yourself get big.

2 CUPS A DAY? 2 MUTHERFUCKING-CUPS A DAY? Switch from 2 cups to 2 GALLONS and then you'll be making sense. are you fucking kidding me dude? thats 16grams of protien, the last girl that sucked my dick got more than 16 grams of protien, Jeezus. Let me guess, it was skim?

ONLY DRINK WHOLE or 2% from now on, and you say your skinny naturally? And yea, go for the protien shakes, only after you start eating some food, and if you can afford it (thought you said you didn't have much money, good protien powders are expensive)....EGGs are good and cheap.

I don't know what that is, but if it has you doing compound lifts (if you don't know what that is, go and figure it out NOW!) like squat, deadlift, incline/flat bench, standing military, chinups, rows, dips. then it makes sense

Are you ehtiopean?

I didn't know whether to laugh or cry the whole time I was reading your post.

From now on, no video games, no TV...spend ALL of your free time READING (not posting questions, since they are already answered somewhere on this site) articles and threads on this website, start with Dave Tates article on bulking, it's uh....ON THE FRONT-FUCKING-PAGE!




thanks for your response, im sorry if my ignorance annoys you but this is a beginners board. i have read alot on this site and have a fairly good basic knowledge but i posted on here because i was looking for advice on my specific situation, for example, is it worth buying a weight gain supplement or would it be just the same if i make sure i eat more eggs, milk etc. Tentiger fullbody is almost all compound exercises, i was thinking should i also do isolation exersices for my weaker muscles on one of the rest days.


free milk and u only drink 2 cups???? like carbiduis said go for 2 gallons and look into using milk, eggs AND some form of powder protein if your budget allows :slightly_smiling:


Yea I think too many people are being cunts on the fucking beginners board. But good to see that you don't get butt-hurt too quickly.

-EAT EAT EAT, you're nowhere near a normal bodyweight so gains tend to come fast if you eat a high calorie diet CONSISTENTLY (again C O N S I S T E N T L Y).

  • 4-5 months is maybe enough for some visual changes, but at your level that's still not gonna be much of a difference.

I hope you take this advice to heart: DON'T expect to reach your goal the day before yesterday, that's a huge mistake many beginners make. It often leads people to screwing around with AAS when they're nowhere near ready to even consider it. Training a long journey, it will start paying off soon enough, so enjoy the ride. Before you start running you need to learn how to walk (i.E. before you start worrying about tempo and optimal CNS stimulation you need to put a bar across your back and lots and lots of food in your belly).