Hi Guys I'm Mike

Hi all,
I’d like to introduce myself. My name is Mike and I live in Cali. I’m 27 and I’m married w/ two kids one boy and one girl. I’ve run the *** marathon and the *** century twice. I’m a Wildlandfire fighter.

I’m going to begin the time in my life where I develop strength rather than endurance so much. I weight 170 lbs 5’11 and aroun 9-10% BF at this time. The only AS I’ve done was a 9 week cycle of dbol I got from Mexico when I was 22. It worked well and I put on about 15 pounds which I lost nearl all of over the next year. My father in law is a life long BB with lots of experience.

Iplan to leech of of his knowledge and learn as much as I can from all of you. Thank you ahead of time for the free info and know that I’ll answer any Q’s I can as much as I can in exchange:)

More to come,

[quote]BONEZ217 wrote:
Probably not the best idea to put your personal email address out there. [/quote]

2x All someone needs is to clone a message that the Nation sends you to notify you of new posts or articles to mess your stuff up.

Thanks for taking it off admins:) And thank to you guys for warning me. Learning curve is steep…

Welcome then -

With Dbol only cycle the water retention is what gives the massive size and strength increases, rather than protein synthesis itself (this is obvious as even ON AAS protein synthesis takes time).

But you learnt that, and you will learn more. Be wary of the older guys who use, as they often still use old protocols that arent as effective or safe in terms of avoiding side effects/promoting recovery as ones used today.

That said, it is real good you have a mentor, it is something that will help you massively - especially in training. I persdonally am not a believer in the 100’s of different ‘Training Systems’ that are about being needed for gains, simple programs with simple changes and simple periodisation is enough for a Bodybuilder IME.

JMO :wink:

Welcome, Brook.