Hi Guys- Back on the Board

I have been off the board for a long time due to a deployment. My old user name was “Mr Ian”, not sure if anyone remembers me. I was unable to get my old name back for some reason but that is ok. I have been on here for a few years now. Anyway I just wanted to say hi, and I will give my current states:

  • Height: 5’7
  • Weight: 195
  • Deadlift Max: 405lbs x 1 not too hard, just have not gone up
  • DB Press: 125 x 4
  • DB Incline 110 x 4
  • Clean Jerk: about 165 (Have been doing them for about 6 months to take place of my squats for now)

My goal is to get down to 170-180ih. Not sure how long its going to take me to get to it, but its all on my diet.

I hate running, so I do MMA Drills, BJJ. I start a new job in Corrections in a few weeks. Other then that, I am glad I am home and look forward to being back on the site to catch up on all the info I missed. I hope Christian Thibaudeau is still on the site giving advice.

CT is till here contributing (thankfully), welcome back.

Welcome back good sir - enjoy you stay =)

[quote]Sayjin wrote:
Welcome back good sir - enjoy you stay =)[/quote]

I just watched your av 20 times.