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Hi God. Are You There? Are You Real?


Howdy there! Thought I’d check in on you folks!

Edit: oh yeah, I see your Sloth reference. I can understand the opposition of my fellow Christians (and others) to the Dems, but Trump ain’t no lesser of 2 evils.


They are shutting the forum down. After discussion everyone agrees on everything so no need.


Gosh I fear the day! Whatever would I do with the copious amount of free time I have on my hands these days?



I neither love or hate Trump. I find it interesting when people try to pick at me for that


I knew it.


I wasn’t picking at you. I had no idea if you liked him or not.


I didn’t take it that way. I was just saying that it interests me how polarizing of a figure he is and/or how polarized people have become


It’s like me. I was baptized catholic. I only went to church a couple of times in my life on purpose. Otherwise it’s just for weddings and funerals. And fish fries.

So you could say that technically I follow Jesus, just not very far.