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Hi God. Are You There? Are You Real?



“A person commits bigamy when he intentionally contracts or purports to contract a marriage with another person when he has a living spouse.”


Out of curiosity were the interracial couples found guilty for the crime of filing marriage paperwork to the court(s), or were they found guilty of something much sadder?


Thanks, now I’m kind of curious about protection from what, in this case - but that’s sincerely not a challenge towards you

I could look into it myself if I wanted




Charging someone with a crime - “lewd and lascivious cohabitation” is world’s apart from not recognizing a marriage


It doesn’t need to do that. See the first amendment wasn’t used with interracial marriage despite it hitting the spot with you.

It hit the spot for the Supreme Court which is why you’re stuck with interracial and gay marriage. Double religious whammy. At least God will still burn all those people for eternity.


I was asked why I was ‘avoiding’ something, and you are quoting the response to that question

I’m not stuck with any sort of marriage

Your words, not mine


I’m pretty sure you argued the first amendment with regards to interracial marriage. Unless it was someone else.

Of course you don’t have to be in an interracial or gay marriage. But if you live in the United States you are stuck living in a society where both exist.

But don’t worry because it doesn’t have a negative effect on your life in any possible way. Which is why it’s weird to get up in arms over.


I’m the one who you are thinking of, but there was no argument on it that I can recall



And yet here we are. One would think the religious would move on. Don’t they have more important things to do like not pay taxes? Create multi millionaire pastors? Campaign for a candidate who is thrice divorced and paid money to cover up sleeping with a porn star?


First of all, I’m not worried

However, it occurs to me that I ought to point out to you that something doesn’t have to negatively effect my short life in order for me to worry about it - as a religious person who believes in life after death.
Whether that seems weird to you or whatever - you should just accept that religious people are going to do that

Do I seem to be emotionally charged here?


Why does this get the panties in the bunch so much though? I mean they had no problem turning out in record number for someone who seems way worse than gay people in terms of offensiveness. That doesn’t bother them but two women in love drives them bonkers?

I really think it comes down a lot to a feeling of exclusiveness. Like “we are the ones who should get to do this.”


Looking back on what you wrote here, I think you kind of get it…

I’m “stuck” in a society where some things are backwards - yes. As long as I make an honest effort to untwist what I witness, I have nothing to worry about. Sometimes I think to myself that I ought to avoid witnessing what I cannot effect, but I’m not sure about that

I do not know. My guess is that some people feel responsible for others in ways that they shouldn’t. Then they feel like they fail, then blame, and anger. Stupid guesses on my part


I’m thankful to God that I’ve got it pretty good, actually. Very good, actually


I just don’t get it. I mean evangelicals voted in record numbers for Trump and will most likely largely go for him again in 2020. A figure that as best as I can figure out is about as opposite of what Jesus stands for as any other President in history.

Yet they still will flip out over gay marriage until the cows come home. It blows my mind. It’s like Trump can do all manner of awful things and it doesn’t bother them. Yet if two productive members of society who help people out happen to be gay they will lose their mind. I have to wonder if a straight murderer is less of an issue than a gay couple to some of them.

Or what Trump would have to do to lose significant evangelical support. These people seem to be so hypocritical you can almost taste it.


Uh, look up Loving vs Virginia. The couple was charged with violating the state’s anti- miscegenation laws, even though they married outside of Virginia, and sentenced to a year in prison.


The evangelicals hate the Dems because they see it as the party of science, secularism, art and fancy book learnin’.


I don’t really care if they hate the Dems but don’t pretend you care about family values and then vote for Trump in massive droves. Even in the primaries before he was the candidate. But we are talking about this:

“Some leading evangelicals see Trump as a latterday King Cyrus, the sixth-century BC Persian emperor who liberated the Jews from Babylonian captivity.

The comparison is made explicitly in The Trump Prophecy, a religious film screened in 1,200 cinemas around the country in October, depicting a retired firefighter who claims to have heard God’s voice, saying: “I’ve chosen this man, Donald Trump, for such a time as this.”

Maybe God is a fan of bullying, cussing, sexual assault, cheating on your wife? I can’t wrap my head around how deliberately obtuse you have to be to say you follow Jesus and support Trump.

That’s where I give Sloth a lot of credit. He’s been anti Trump from the start. I don’t see how you can be really religious and support him but damnit if the vast majority of them don’t do it.

Gays though.


This thing is still a beehive?!


Good lord I don’t even get my post finished giving you credit and you appear!