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Hi God. Are You There? Are You Real?


Sure. Change the principles of contract law too.


You can contract with, to, before the state, as an individual.


You know this slippery slope idea was used during interracial marriage debates right? Like the exact same thing. If you allow this what comes next?

The exact same thing the religious and racist did then. God’s favorite haters just changed targets.


H_factor, come on. Pretend it’s unlikely, I don’t care. Do you support these people?


But not with oneself. I don’t think you’re quite understanding how this works.


The contract would be with yourself and the state. The state would give benefits/title if terms are agreed to.


I was being honest. I don’t have an opinion nor really care. Someone loves themselves? Who gives a shit? Who hasn’t masturbated?

She’s weird but so what? I mean some people get in groups and pretend they are eating the flesh and drinking the blood of someone they have never met who has super powers. Doesn’t bother me. Except those same people constantly want to use their weirdo thoughts to control others.


So, that’s a yes?


Like being a legal driver. A citizen. Disabled (Ssi). A status or determination granted by the state to individuals so long as terms are met/maintained.


The state is not a party to a marriage contract.


I haven’t looked into any of it. I hadn’t heard of autosexual until today. Seems weird to me. Seems like something almost no one is doing or pushing to be married.

Are you aware that the slippery slope idea was used by the religious and racist back then to keep people from getting married?


It issues a license based on agreement to its terms. As it can do with a contractor. Or driver. Or Immigrant. Or, disabled person. Etc. With an individual. The idea that a marriage license couldn’t be given to an individual meeting the state’s requirements just isn’t tenable.


And? They probably went to the movies, too.


Doesn’t matter. A marriage contract is still required.


It would be between the state and the individual. The state will recognize him as married (contractor, citizen, disabled) so long as terms are met/maintained.


Still doesn’t matter since the terms are stipulated and agreed upon between 2 private individuals within a private contract.


Umm, I just gave examples of contracts/agreements between state and private individuals. Are we not acknowledging this?


None of which are applicable to this.


You don’t think it’s worth noting that the exact same arguments were used to keep marriages from happening previously in history but you do think people marrying a fence is worth seriously exploring? It was slippery slope mixed with a healthy dose of Jesus hates it! Somehow the world kept going on.

Do you think gay marriage has a direct impact on your life?


Because of state definitions of married…