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Hi God. Are You There? Are You Real?


Lol looks like he never said monotheistic. ‘claim to be the only one’ usually refers to which is the ‘true religion’


Maybe - he might have intended that. I can’t recall seeing that either though.

Do polytheistic religions argue about which religion is the true one? They seem pretty adaptable to me, you can just add or delete or stop updating gods as “needed”


Monotheistic religions are adaptable as well. That’s how they manage to survive in the face of common sense and growing human decency.


I’d say the entire concept of religion (defining the rules of the universe handed down by its creator) require that if X religion is the correct one, Y (every other one) is wrong.

People can very well debate whether or not their ‘god’ cares that they’re the ‘wrong’ religion, but no 2 religions can be fully ‘correct’ at the same time.


Polytheistic religions have done more than argue about which was true but believers have gone to war thinking their religion is the correct one and thus, their gods will protect them.



Doesn’t seem to describe any polytheistic religion I’m aware of


Are you able to name a religion that can be correct at the same time as another religion?


I meant that I’m not aware of polytheistic religions

The Ven diagram of supposed overlapping truths would have non overlaps as well, so I wouldn’t dispute the other point - if you are getting technical enough to split along sects

In a broad sense Hinduism seems highly compatible with other religions



What do you base this on?


Religion is, put simply, a response to the innate fear we all have concerning death. The human mind is great at coming up with ideas to alleviate uncomfortable thoughts.


Is the Catholic Church of today the same as the Catholic Church of 1000 years ago? 500 years ago? 100 years ago?


Wipe it out? I’m not against fairy tales. Just don’t try to control my life with it which religions have been pretty guilty of throughout time.

Also we have millionaire preachers with private jets but churches need to be tax free? Seems like any other business. Just Pepsi doesn’t say if I don’t drink it I will be tortured for all eternity by their “all loving” soft drink.


They have the greatest business model of all time. Their product is “faith” and people give them millions(tax free)without ever having to produce or prove anything.


In some ways yes, in some ways no


The givers often (but not always) disagree


What do you base this on?



Therefore, it’s not the same.


Ok, that makes sense. Is there more?


Well, I base this on millennia of history. Look at all of the religions that have dominated societies and then fallen to the wayside! Do you believe that the Aztecs knew about the God that Christians believed in? Of course they didn’t, because they shunned (or sacrificed) the missionaries who went to spread the word of God.

Could these Aztecs, then, reasonably have gone to hell when they were only doing what they perceived as moral and upstanding? I would argue no, because they had no knowledge of the “correctness” of Christianity.

Likewise, could a poor African teenager, never hearing the word of God, end up being tortured forever in Hell because they disobeyed their parents or had sex before marriage? No! A just God could not possibly condemn someone who never knew of his existence in the first place.

Religion makes sense at a glance, but there are some giant holes that we have to take into account.