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Hi God. Are You There? Are You Real?


No, that person’s argument may be weak, that does not mean other arguments are weak.

Now, you gonna answer my question? Because that’s one of many.


Then how do you prove a general argument is wrong? Would it require that the conclusion can be proven to be true or does the conclusion simply have to be fully supported by the argument?


Ohhh the irony.


Right back at you, kiddo.

Oh, and are you still an antisemite and racist?


Your rather hung up on that.

I suspected you might have been alluding to some sort of anti Semitic global conspiracy in one of your responses. Hence why I asked your opinion about The Protocols of the Elders of Zion. A rather tongue in cheek jab at you. You still never responded. I really am genuinely curious.

As for me. I don’t believe I ever posted anything anti Semitic or racist.


Given that you haven’t denounced the Protocols, I would have to be a very stupid person to not assume you must therefore support them, right?

Given that I have denounced them as forgeries on this forum before, I would not have to denounce them to prove what I believe since, obviously, I already did just that.

And you never posted anything that opposed antisemitism so the only logical conclusion an intelligent person could draw is that you must be an antisemite. Or maybe you have but haven’t updated that position regularly for everyone to see which means you must be an antisemite.


Uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh. Wot?


Isn’t that what all of the cool kids do today? The default mode is to assume racism.


Well zecarlo,

Thats a juvenile way to look at it and a bit pedantic. This isn’t philosophy 101.

Like I said above, suspected you might have been alluding to some anti Semitic conspiracy. So I asked your opinion to elicit a response that would allow me to asses whether zecarlo is down with gods chosen people or not.

I didn’t know you had. Obviously would not have asked you the question then.

Also denouncing it as forgeries doesn’t mean you disagree with the sentiment and message. But I don’t want to be argumentative. You probably don’t agree with it.


Nope. Not at all :+1:


Well, it’s very juvenile, in a SJW sort of way, to assume racism when in doubt. Or to even form those doubts when there is no evidence to support it. I get it, you come from a paranoid and narcissistic generation (that’s my default mode).


You obviously are not one of the cool kids. You might see some protesting Amazon.


Is your default mode to be rude and insulting?

If someone says “The Nazis are gone. But if you look at contemporary conspiracy theories, many contain references to the Rothschilds and the Jews.”

In my mind that conjures up images of Neo Nazi ideology. Because I thought you were referencing the beliefs that claim Rothschilds/Jewish people orchestrated the events leading up to world war two or some other nonsense.

Now you weren’t saying that was something you believed in. And you didn’t even mention a specific theory but none of the theories involving Jewish people paint them in a positive light. But I thought hmm I wonder if that is what zecarlo thinks himself. So I asked you your opinion of the book. I could have asked directly Hey zecarlo is this what your saying when you say “The Nazis are gone. But if you look at contemporary conspiracy theories, many contain references to the Rothschilds and the Jews.”. Which is essentially asking the same thing as asking your opinion of the protocols of the elders of zion except its not as tongue in cheek.

Your response was and still is to insult my intelligence and character.

I think my posts collectively refute any notion that I am 1. An SJW. 2. Narcissistic or paranoid.

I am incredibly open minded. I don’t care what sort of isms you subscribe to. I am more then willing to discuss them. But insults tend not to facilitate good conversation. Its entertaining but only to a certain extent.


I think you are delusional. There was a claim about PSR I made 4 years ago that I errored. But a lot of people haven’t done shit to these arguments otherwise. PSR is not an argument for the existence for God. If you don’t know the difference, then you don’t know the subject matter.


That goes without saying. I still refrain from slander.

And, it should.

And you should have stopped there.

But instead you:

Tongue in cheek references to mass murder that insinuate one agrees with it, will reflect upon both your character and intelligence.

Physician, heal thyself.


Nope. I answered your question, you answer mine.
I’ll help. Would you agree you are made of carbon?


Is this an argument, or a proof?


It’s a question. Why are you afraid to answer a simple question. You’ll see where it goes. I can walk you through an argument by using you as an example… There is no ‘gotcha’.


There will be no gotcha because you can’t do that to me, or pretty much anyone here.

I’ll answer, no, I am not made of carbon.


Your conflating asking your opinion of The Protocol as the same as accusing you of being an anti semite. They are not the same thing.

I shouldn’t have to stop anywhere zecarlo. If I want to ask your opinion of The protocol I shouldn’t be fearful that you are going to get upset and thereby reconsider asking you that question. Lest you report me to ze modz. Asking your opinion of the book on an internet bodybuilding website forum is hardly slander.

My question in no way insinuated I agreed with the book. That is a gross stretch of the imagination. Its a ridiculous piece of literature hence why it was meant as tongue in cheek. As in if you agree with those conspiracy theories then you probably also love this book because they are both equally as ridiculous.

Anyways I don’t mean to be confrontational. But If I don’t get the last word in an internet confrontation my ego might implode. I am glad you denounce the book. As long as your not a post modern foucauldian. Thats irreconcilable.

In case you can’t notice all my knowledge has been accumulated through youtube video segments put out by Jordan Peterson and Ben Shapiro.