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Hi God. Are You There? Are You Real?


Don’t be a snowflake. High school geometry is where the resounding majority of Americans learn about what a proof is, and it’s nearly always their only exposure to the concept.

Drawing an analogy to explain a simple concept and pulling in real world scenarios that people can relate to is only belittling if you have no idea what I’m saying.


Snowflake? So you want to bully me into thinking like you? Are you going to internet kick my ass if I don’t play?


Yes. Snowflake. As in took offense at me explaining a concept and immediately got triggered and assumed I was belittling you.

LOL. that’s cute as hell


Maybe. But I need to know if you understand the actual concepts you bring up. Your reaction to my question says more about how you feel about this matter than how I feel. Seriously, why are you so angry?


If you are going to insult me, I simply won’t talk to you.


Not angry. You avoided my question, why should I answer yours?


I know. It would have better to just say you are made out of bullshit. That’s what adults do.


Feel free to quit responding. I’m not forcing you to reply to me. You’re the one that got triggered when I explained the version of ‘proof’ you were using.


By not answering, you actually did answer. You know that you cannot prove god’s existence with deductive reasoning so there is no point in answering your questions that will tray and do what you know can’t be done.


I asked you what you were made of and you gave me a bunch of bullshit.


No, I asked a question that made you respond like a baby.


You still haven’t answered my question.


There is no point since you admitted you can’t prove god exists via deductive reasoning.


Answer the question and you will see.


Well, if you want to play who asked who first: right above your question, I asked you a question, that you failed to answer.


We did that. Many times. Different people all showed that your argument had issues.

This is the same line that you took with me. I looked it up. You were unable to defend your argument, yet still hold them as infallible. We’re back on that same merry-go-round again.


Because he can’t accept the irrationality of his beliefs. Even Ben Shapiro has admitted his religious convictions are irrational.


There are actually quite a few arguments for God’s existence, including Kant’s Moral Argument which are rock solid.
The reason all these scientists are coming up with shit like a multiverse is that they cannot resolve the cosmological form of argumentation any other way. Hence you have the argument from contingency, Teleological Argument, Ontological Argument, etc. These are all deductive arguments for the existence of God.
You want to try to disprove them, go nuts. People have been trying for centuries…

Now I have answered your question.


No, you avoided answering the question.
This was the actual question: If someone came up with AN argument for god’s existence that even you recognized was full of holes, would that make THE argument for god’s existence just as weak?


No. And they are not my arguments. I didn’t come up with them. If all these people “proved them wrong”, they’d be up for a Nobel Prize.