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Hi God. Are You There? Are You Real?

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Here you guys go. Have at it.

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What if God was one of us?

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Just a slob like one of us?

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The funny thing is I never said I didn’t believe in God. The problem is believers are too scared to simply engage in a discussion like that with an open mind. They are also too scared to face the reality that their beliefs cannot be proven and are irrational.

I also have previously stated I don’t talk about my beliefs whatever they may or may not be. I like to talk about religion as a subject and not let personal feelings enter the equation.

We were made in his image.

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Ya, I think that’s all fine. It would just be nice to contain y’alls discussion to one place…

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I thought it was simple: it’s ok to believe something based on feelings, like god. But to believe that you are a different sex because you feel like that sex is mental illness. Maybe one is and one is isn’t. Maybe neither or both are. But judging how offended believers get if you suggest they are silly or mentally ill why wouldn’t they take a moment and think that maybe the respect they believe others should have for their beliefs, without sharing them, should extend to transgender people?

Non christians are the bad guys if they don’t want people saying merry Christmas. Trump even brought that up. So non christians have to tolerate christians advertising their beliefs but christians don’t have to tolerate transgender people?

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Appreciate the thought, but I don’t need it.

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A chick with a nob like one of us?



…It’s me Margret.

Didn’t want to bump the old religion thread, but since Zecarlo and Sloth kept doing the 1 line thing in the other thread, I’ll drop this here.

Interesting stuff, but nothing really shocking

If it’s okay, I’d like to join in on conversating. I’m rather interested in the positions and legit questions you guys have. I’ve more than likely had those same questions too.

That’s fine with me. I created this thread to hopefully contain religious debate to one place not every thread in PWI.

To be fair to us, it wasn’t ABOUT religion. Religion was only one element (along with science, feelings, tigers, and so on) in examining the topic we were debating. I, at least, made no attempt to advertise a religion, or religion in general, and then defend that. In fact, I never argued my point from the perspective of a religion (the moral teachings). And, I didn’t argue for the existence of God.

Now, since I am here, I will say this and only this, as I have little to no interest right now.

I believe in God. I feel that God exists. I don’t believe the scientific method can falsify the existence of God. Not my feelings, but the actual existence of God. outside of my feelings.

Don’t agree? Guess what? Ok.

I don’t even want or need anyone to play along with me! “Uh, yay, God!” Don’t believe God exists? Say it! Go for it! I am going to be a-ok that you won’t play along with my feelings, I promise. Take care.

And even if I did get all depressed? That’s my problem and you shouldn’t feel obligated to play along with my “illusions.” “Um, yeah, yay God, too. And stuff.”

I’ve had plenty of women in my life call me God a few times. Maybe it’s me :slight_smile:

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I don’t want to sound offensive, but I don’t believe this sentence for a second :stuck_out_tongue:

The born without a penis kind?
The born with a penis that hasn’t been surgically removed kind?
The born with a penis that has been surgically removed kind?
All of the above?

Sorry, sorry, @anon50325502 Now I’ve done derailed your religion thread with penis.

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Try me!

If you believe it, you should have no problem asking Congress to defund and stop subsidizing anything and everything religious

After all, we shouldnt feel obligated to play along with your illusions :wink: