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HI-GI, fiber cereal?

What kind/brand of HI-GI, solid fiber cereal would you recomend for my meal after my post-workout shake?

I like either nonfat granola or Smart Start with (please don’t kill me!) soy protein.

Hmm…this is actually a bit of a tough question. Generally speaking, the more fiber something has, the lower it’s GI rating. Fiber will slow the digestion of almost any given carbohydrate. I suppose if you’re going for cereal, something like Fiber One might do. It’s got a lot of fiber, but one of the top listend ingredients is Maltodextrin, so I assume the GI is fairly high.

If it's of any concern, John Berardi has recommended Uncle Sam's cereal for your post-Surge meal. Hope this helps.


I thought Berardi recommended Smart Start?

Trev, where would I find Uncle Sam’s cereal?

thats an oxymoron bud

You can get Uncle Sam’s cereal at almost any health food store. Ask around and I’m sure you’ll find it.

beauzo I was almost positive that Berardi recommended Uncle Sam, but I could be wrong. I just checked the old issues and couldn't find it, so maybe it was on the forum. Perhaps JB will pop up and clear this one up for us.

Berardi recommended two different cereals, one was Smart Start, and the other one was one that you can get in Canada, but I don’t live in Canada, so I forget the name.

I don’t know about high GI, but Chris Shugart has recommended Fiber One, All Bran Plus and Bran Buds. Buds are the tastiest.

I believe it was Smart Start in the US, Vector or Vive in Canada.

First, why the hell do you want fiber in post workout? Uncle Sam can also be purchased at Publix, Kroger, and super Wal-Mart. All-Bran no sugar is another good cereal.