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Hi from Proteinpowda



I haven't started a thread in awhile so I felt it was about time. What's up with everyone at the Nation?


Sup. Im pretty new here but already hooked, more like obsessed, in a big way.


Welcome aboard!


Oh, lordy, it's the powda! Good to see your alive.


i got a puppy. he's huge, and his name is Cain. akita/boxer mix.


Powda has returned :slight_smile:


Here, nothing but bitches. How are things your way?


Foopa's still availible the last time I checked. Maybe we can set them up... :slight_smile:


Lol; I've still been lurking at Nation T on a limited basis. I've had a total of 2 days off since May 10th (with most of those days being 10-14 hour workdays + 2 hour commute + the gym) so I haven't had much time. Also I didn't acquire a laptop until a few weeks ago which I've been using to finish a school project I've put off for over a year and has encompassed the remainder of my free time.

But I won't be back in AZ for another 5 weeks or so.


I don't have to deal with bitches at the moment. Anyone that has attempted to bring drama into my life I've removed from my life. I came here to NY with a few goals in mind:
1) Work as much as possible
2) See my father as much as possible
3) Finish my school project from when I was TA (which was creating the class notes for a general chemistry class)
4) Stay on track with my diet and lifting.


As an aside:

If any of you remember me whining in Feb. about how I injured my wrist well guess what? For the most part it has recovered. Today was the first day I attempted dumbell curls and managed them without major problems or pain. It took 6 months but I refused to accept the fact that I couldn't do chin ups or lift the way I want to lift and it paid off.

It might be true that my wrist still goes "out" a few times a day but it resets itself generally within a few seconds.

Even more unique is the V-Diet situation. I'm probably 3 or 4 months post V-Diet and I'm now even leaner than when I finished it. Amazing huh? Thanks Shugs!


Good to hear from you. What, no pics of yourself? You've missed out on a few trolls while you were away.

Keep on truckin'


I can always post pics. I just don't see a reason or feel a need to. I've seen a few of the trolls here. They always make for some good bashing.


Please. No one wants to see pictures of ol' Powda. We want Foopa!




Well Foopa has been a naughty naughty dog this summer. Once every week or two I'm woken up at around 3-5am (generally on the day when I can sleep late!) with a text message saying FOOPA'S LOOSE AGAIN! And my roomates whos care she is in don't feel like chasing her so she gets to run around Tempe for awhile. So who knows if you go to Tempe you might get lucky and find her chasing a few cats.


Aww-she misses you. She must be a-huntin.


hey powda,
I was wondering if you could PM me your workout program that you used to break 300 on your bench... I believe you were at about 250 before hand and that is where I have been stuck for the last few months. Thanks in advance


Sean, my max bench was actually 345. I'm pretty sure I could have nailed 350 that day too. Nowadays though I can't put up as much weight (e.g. way too much cardio from my job has caused me to drop 20lbs and turn me from a weightlifter to an endurance athlete).

But I digress. The program I saw the MOST results from in terms of increasing my poundages was the Waterbury Method.
It's under Training/Authors/Chad Waterbury/ The Waterbury Method. Hopefully the mod reading this can be nice and provide a link! (Thanks!)



Yup, the poor dog is running out of people to cuddle with so she seeks solace in running away for awhile.