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Hi from Italy

hi to all iron fellas,
i’m 43,5’10x250,7.5’ wrist,on fat (lineman) side LOL, always liked lifting weights,former american football player, hope to receive good advices to grow up to my genetical limits.
I come back to iron after a 10 years stop,I have been training alone in my garage for two years (a flat bench with safe-life bars, a trap-bar,wrist-roller,BB,DBs,400 lb iron) so 'im a garage-rat instead of a gym-rat,LOL.

i’m using a split, one day of rest between A and B,5 days of rest before hitting same muscles.
reps tempo; slow eccentric (6/8sec) with an explosive concentric.
somtimes I add some isometric but really don’t know if it helps hypertrophy…


bench press (sometimes I put some disck under the bench to make it slighlty declined or inclined)
1 rest pause set (sometimes 4 continous reps-failure. rest pause reps , sometimes 4/5 rest pause reps) then I add 30% more load and make 3/5 just eccentric reps.
if I don’t do eccentrics I rest for 3 min and then enother set of 10/12 reps until failure (sometimes beyond).

trapbar squatlift
1 set x20 reps
(because of a knee injury I’m using ligher weights and did 10 very slow reps,rest pause reps until i hit 20 and fall to the floor ,LOL)
sometimes I do lumberjack squat as I don’t have a rack…

close grip press or db french press
1 RP set

neck extension with a 40lb disck on my front, about 60’ tul


BB rows (yates style) or pin-pulls
if rows a rest pause (all out) set of 8-rest-4-rest-2 reps
if deads 5 reps until failure (then I fail really…)

1 set to failure
after 3 min
1 stripping set of DB flies
1 set of 90° flies (rear)

1 rp set with 90% of my max (20’ between each rep, usually 3/4 slow reps)

wrist roller
60’ with maximum weights

crunches on the bench with a plate on my chest; until dead, then trohw away the disk and squeeze some extra reps.

ah, two times per month I go to local gym (to change) and do leg-press, pulldowns inverse grip,chest press…

pls, feel free to post any comments,bad,goods, everything.



[quote]buzza wrote:

crunches on the bench with a plate on my chest; until dead, then trohw away the disk and squeeze some extra reps.


You do crunches until you die? So needless to say you’re a zombie now? All jokes aside, welcome and enjoy the wealth of knowledge this site offers. I’d say read the stickies on program design and the bodybuilding bible to start.