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Hi, Everyone.

Hey everyone, I’m not really new here, been lurking for a while but thought i’d introduce myself. Also need someone to complain too lol, I’m 20, 6 foot 4, 200 pounds and prolly right around 10% body fat right now. Thing is, i’ve been sick for almost a month now, had this cold on and off sence the third! It’s totally killer not being able to workout, i’ve lost about 10 pounds in the last month, totally depressing. Feeling the best i’ve felt in the past few weeks yesterday i went and did a measly 2X10 for bench press, squats and pullups. Today i feel like i tryed to max out or something, all sore and messed up. This frikkin blows. Ok, done whineing for now. Going to chug another protien drink.

You could also chug some Vitamin C. every three hours take in 500mg or so. Take some Zinc lozenges while you are at it too. I use Coldeeze. five per day should do it. Won’t hurt to sip two or three cups of echenacia tea as well. Plenty of garlic too. Use the capsules.

Forget training until you feel better, you are only burning valuble energy that could be used to bolster your immune system.

Oh…and welcome to the site. It is the best site for muscle building on the net!

Thanks ZEB, forgot about the whole garlic thing, think i still have some somewhere too.

Hello and welcome out of your lurking state.

Like Zeb suggested, vit. C, and I would also suggest Green Tea and plenty of fluid in general.

Other than that get plenty o rest and take a look at your daily nutrition.

Get well, and dont be such a stranger.