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Hi Everyone

Hi :slight_smile: Been reading the articles and forums on T-Nation for quite a while now so i decided it was time to stop lurking around here and join up. So I just thought id post a bit of an introduction.

Im Tom and im a 21yo student living in the UK and I go to uni in scotland at St.Andrews. The gym and weightlifting generally has become a huge passion of mine over the last 2/3 years which has led to me actually signing up for a strength and conditioning coaching internship which will start in september. I got in to weightlifting basically to help me fight my own personal demons.

Since 13/14 ive suffered from pretty severe depression (which runs in my family) as well as bulemia. This meant that just over 2 years ago @ 5’10 I was an extremely unhealthy and miserable 136lb beanpole. Since then ive tried my best to channel my own insecurities about myself and my body in to hard work in the gym rather than what i had been doing previously (starving myself, self harming etc etc).

Im hoping that all the guys on here can help me reach my goals and i can perhaps do the same in return. Next week im going to be starting one of CT’s Layer system programmes to start preparing me for my first powerlifting meet which i am entering in january. So Ill likely start a log on here once that begins.

Sorry for the long intro but just wanted to introduce myself properly and say why im here.

All the best,
Tom :slight_smile:

anyone who is a fan of ‘shenko’ is a friend of mine. Welcome!

[quote]Trevshenko wrote:
I got in to weightlifting basically to help me fight my own personal demons.[/quote]
When you get down to it, I think you’d be surprised how many guys are in this same boat.

Welcome aboard. Shoot up any questions you have, and definitely think about doing a log or something, especially if you want to journal your run up to your first contest. The dudes in the Powerlifting forum are straight-forward and pretty helpful to fellow competitors.

Welcome this is a pretty good place.

Thanks everyone. I was going to start a log in the powerlifting section once i started my new routine. Finished my cycle of boring but big today so the plan is take some days off and then start the layer system next week.

@ bdocksaints75 - good choice of name. love that film

Welcome. Keep up the hard work and consistency. Don’t forget that nutrition is the most important part of training :slight_smile: